Monday, March 29, 2010

one month old!

This month has flown by. Our boy is huge! Here's some things about Roman....

1. hold his head up and look around
2. smile :)
3. he startles in his sleep
4. when i change his diaper he talks to me in little coos :)
5. he cries when he's mad
6. he does a relieved cry when we nurse
7. he has terrible tummy aches- I had to choose what I eat with caution so that he won't react to the spicy/flavorful things.
I took a pic during his tummy ache time so you'd believe me because he has a knack for being an angel when we're in public :)
8. likes outside!
9. Can recognize Ty and my faces- he smiles at us :)
10. Reaches for kauzie when he comes near
11. He weighs 9 lb 5 oz and is 21.5 inches long :)
12. He's getting used to pictures- he doesn't jump when the flash goes off anymore :)
13. He sleeps in his swing
14. He wakes up about every 2-3 hours.
15. He's always hungry!
16. He loves baths- when he's crying it immediately calms him down!
17. He has to hold two of my fingers when nursing- one with each of his hands.
18. He makes faces while he sleeps- happy to sad to mad to worried.
19. He only likes to be held with his head on my/ty's shoulder or chest-
20. He likes it when you hit on his back while rocking him.

One month comparison shots!! Month 1 with the teddy bear!

This month he had his....
1. first bath
2. first walmart trip
3. first smile
4. first temper fit
5. first wedding (dustin and hilary!)
6. first hotel stay
7. first swing
8. first march madness- which believe it or not he helped me fill out my bracket- and let's just say he already knows more about bball then me :) oh and we're doing good with our picks!
Right before the games were getting ready to start!!
Sleeping on daddy while mommy got to shower!! WOOO HOO!! I have the best husband!
I'm sure i'll think of a few more things to add about this sweet boy of mine!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

one month check up!

Today was Roman's one month check up!

He's gained 2lb and 3 oz since his one week appointment! (9lb 5 oz)

he also has grown 2 inches. (21.5 inches)

Dr. Springer said too that with his experience he expects Roman to be about 4 inches taller then Tyler- how he knows this, i'm not sure. But it's fun to think about :)

We had another rough night- he was up since 4 with a tummy ache- the mylicon drops just aren't helping like I thought they would- he's definitely hurting when he cries :(

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

first stroller ride

Today Roman and I decided it was time to go outside for a walk. We JUST got a little stroller that is perfect for easy transporting ( I can open and close it one handed and it's light enough I can carry it and Roman!).

We walked for about 35 minutes till Romie had ENOUGH! he just started crying. We got home and I realized that he was really hungry... hahah!!

Here are a few pics!

He's not so sure about this :)
Gettin a bit sleepy!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Catch up!

Since last post, we've been busy!

Our good friends Dustin and Hilary Butler go married this past weekend!! Tyler and I were both in the wedding which was 6 hours away in Doniphan MO.

Tyler and Dustin decided during this past summer that they were going to go on a trip the week before the wedding for their guy time. They've been talking and planning where they would go, what they would do, how much money they'd spend for months and months :)

When we thought about the fact that we would have just had a baby and would be alone while Tyler is gone we thought of a plan to have my mom come down and spend the time with me and Romie :)
The boys left on Wednesday and headed to memphis- mom got here Wed afternoon. We just hung out and enjoyed doing nothing :)

Friday Mom and I headed to MO. Roman did GREAT. He slept mostly the whole way! That night was rehersal- he cried most of this time :( that night too he had a real hard night. He had the worst tummy ache that he's had yet- crying from 9-1 ish. HARD!! the only way he'd sleep was on his tummy against my tummy.

The wedding on Saturday was at 2:00. Mom watched Rome during pics at 11 in the hotel. They came to the wedding at 1:30 and did great! he slept the whole time! We went back to the hotel (mom, me, and Romie) around 4:30. Mom left to get back to NE and Romie and I took a nap :)

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL. Seeing our two best friends get married and getting to stand up their as wedding party was fun and so sweet!

Mom ran into some poor weather and had to say near Springfield until the weather cleared (she got home Sunday afternoon)

We left with Kerwin and Vicki on Sunday morning and got back to Siloam Sunday afternoon as well.

Also, this last Friday, Romie turned 3 week! WOW time is flying!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

two week pics with daddy!!

This afternoon after the duke game, we took some two week pics of Roman with his daddy... right after this his little stump of a belly button fell off lol.. great timing, huh!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

bball boy :) 2 week pics :)

Here are a few pics I took of Roman with his bball...
Tomorrow we're goin to take some more with daddy :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two weeks old

How can Roman be 2 weeks old??? how can time really go this fast! I cannot believe that 2 weeks ago today Tyler and I were going to the hospital to be induced. I'm just blown away by the speed of time!

Here are some things that I've learned through these last 14 days.

1. I never thought I would be able to love Roman as much as I do.

2. I never thought I would enjoy bathing, changing, dressing, feeding, etc Roman as much as I do.

3. I never thought I could sweat this much (I wake up in the middle of the night and have to change clothes because I am completely soaked through! ha!)

4. I never thought I could really learn the cries of Roman- I haven't totally figured it out yet but
i'm definitely learning!

5. I found out that when the Dr. says don't exercise for the first 6 weeks he means it- I tried to do an exercise dvd that I used to do all the time before pregnancy and let's just say full boobs and a stretched uterus do not like jumping jacks!! I switched to pilates REAL fast! ha! And I also learned that if you must exercise with jumping jacks CLOSE the curtains- NO one should ever see that! : ) lol

6. I never knew that I would have THAT much water retention after birth! Like the day I got home I couldn't even cross my legs. My ankles were 3 times bigger then normal. I didn't have NEAR that bad of water retention during my entire pregnancy. I found out that it's very common. My best friend during this time is lemon water- I'm 14 days after birth and i'm still having water retention. BUT it's better (I can wear other shoes besides flip flops!)

7. It's never too early to start your baby on adventure's in odyssey (for those of you who don't know when I was little I had really bad night terrors- the only thing that would help was focus on the families adventures in odyssey- ever since I've been THE biggest fan (yes the age range stops at 12 but I still LOVE them) well Roman and I've been listening to them- Tyler makes fun of me but Roman will like them : )

8. I think I somewhat understand what some of the women in the Bible felt when they finally had their first babies I think of Hannah, Sarah, Rachel (to name a few!) I understand why all they could do was sing God's praises!!

I know this list will be growing... I plan on adding to it all the time! But this is what I have for now :)

Roman's first photo session

Last Friday, Ty's sis took Roman's first week photos. They turned out so good!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Roman's Daddy

Let me just start with saying that Tyler is amazing.
I can remember when we started dating.  It was 5 years ago.  I remember how different he was from a lot of the guys that I was used to.  He was a gentleman, kind, considerate, always made me feel good about myself.  I remember flirting with him and thinking about what kind of a guy he would be as a husband; well, my husband.  I always thought that we'd be good together. :)

I even remember, after watching him babysit a few kids, telling him that someday he'd be a great dad.  I remember when we were engaged telling him the same thing.  I remember when we first got pregnant and we were both feeling the insecurities of the journey ahead of us.  I reassured him then too that he'd be a great daddy.  

Now as I see him hold Roman while I take a shower, or when he plays his guitar and sings to Roman, or when there's a little hic-up and he looks at me with worry in his eyes and asks me if he's ok, and even when Roman has a little "toot" and Ty says, "that's my boy" I'm convinced that he's gonna be and IS a great daddy. 

I find myself not just thanking God for Roman but for Tyler too.  It's amazing how the level of love with a person changes as your life changes. I find myself more in love with Tyler because of Roman.  I love seeing Tyler in Roman. 

Today, Tyler went back to work and boy, do we miss him! We can't wait till 6 when daddy comes home!!


Thursday, Tyler worked from home as well.  I edited some pics and got them ready to be developed for a new wall arrangement in our living room above the couch. 

Thursday afternoon we took Roman to
 Walmart for the first time.  Not everyone can remember that first trip.  Tyler and I were laughing about this because we find ourselves going to Walmart at least every other day.  We took a few pics : )

Roman is one week old.  WOW. This week has completely flown! Today we had his one week check up. Everything is great! he's healthy and doing good- he even gained a little weight from his birth weight!! WOOO HOOOO!!! that makes a first time breast feeding mom happy- I guess we're doing it right!
After the Dr. we took Roman to Grandmama Vicki's for pictures from Rissa.  OH boy, Roman was a handful.  He was very fussy and wouldn't settle down.  We got a few pics but not what I had anticipated. I think I just need to change my expectations. Or at least expect what's normal for a baby :) THANK YOU RISSA for your patience!

Tonight we're just hanging out- watching a movie and enjoying the peace (and wonderful meal that was brought to us!!)

Tuesday- Wednesday

On Tuesday morning, Mom and Jaydon said their goodbyes and headed home.  It was so quiet once they had left.  It was just Tyler and I alone with a baby.  Wow.  It was fun.  I had imagined over and over again what it would be like to be a mom, have a husband, and a baby.  It was everything and more then I thought it would be.  

As much as I didn't want mom to leave I knew that Jaydon had homework to do and needed to get home.  Plus in two weeks mom's coming back to stay with me while Tyler is gone for a few days (YEA!!!!!!!) so saying goodbye now was easy. 
 Plus it is so peaceful knowing that mom's a phone call away.  We took a few pics before they left.

Tuesday night Tyler had a church league ball game that Roman and I stayed home from. We were/are so blessed that our church has offered to do a few meals for us. it's been so sweet! Ty's been having capt. crunch a lot lately so he's especially grateful:)

Wednesday: Tyler worked from home so we had another day of getting into the swing of things.  After he finished up around 5- we got up on lost and  ate supper (thanks again church!!)

Wednesday morning I took a few pics of Roman- I just think he's beautiful and a genius because he's a smiler already : )

And his yawn is just so funny... : )