Saturday, October 30, 2010

8 months

Roman's 8 months.
- crawling
- saying "dada"
- standing without hanging on to anything
- eating things with substance- bananas, crackers, cottage cheese, applesauce, bread, pasta, pears, sweet potatoes, potatoes, ice cream, peas, carrots
- laughing
- playing with kauzie,
- getting braver to explore on his own, he goes outside without waiting for me. he'll go to his room and play with his toys.
- he still gets bounced to sleep
- he's got 4 teeth and he likes to bite! :(
- he does soooooo big
- he likes bath time A LOT!
- he's so expressive. besides dada he has different noises that mean different things. only mom and dad can understand :) haha!
- he LOVES people. He'll be crabby and tired in the car but as soon as we get to where we're going, if there's people there, he's happy!
- he LOVEs outside
- he bites me all the time, when we're nursing or just playing. i think he likes to hear me scream. it hurts! any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!
here's some pics!

And a few bath pics :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

soooooo big

Rome's been learning things so fast. A game we play is called "soooooo big." You start by asking the baby, "How big is Roman?" and his response is to put his hands in the air and I say, "soooooooo big!" and you just keep doing it over and over again. The past few weeks i've had to raise his hands to try and teach him the game. The other night, he started doing it himself!

please pardon the laundry and the mommy... lol

TP Game

Last night was JBU's annual toilet paper game. This was the first game in the new gym as well. Since it was on a Thursday, Ty couldn't come because of class :( but Roman and I and my friend Ashton all went. It was so fun!

I was reminded that 5 years ago, at the TP game, is when my family met Tyler for the first time. And now here I was watching it with our son. How crazy!!
Us and Ashton

Roman LOVES his uncle Dave :) Dave watched him for a bit so I could eat my wrap :)

Sorry for the shaking! It was hard to hold him and record- plus he likes to grab it...
Here's the TP part! Roman's face cracked me up. He definitely saw what happened but did not understand what had just happened. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

our day-cation in Branson

Last Sunday we went to Branson for the day. We haven't gotten to go anywhere for a nice little vacation this summer so we thought that it would be fun to go for the day. We also got a nice surprise check in the mail that was a refund we weren't expecting so we thought we needed to do something fun :)

We left after Ty did music for both services and then 10 hours later we came home! It was a fast and fulfilling trip!!

We went shopping at the landing and the Tanger outlets.

checking fantasy football :)

Rome hit a wall, he was so tired! even kisses weren't helping! ha!

While we were in the gap outlet, ty was holding roman and walking around. I turned the corner and saw them and rome had fell asleep! Ty didn't eve realize it it was so quick!

We ate some breakfast sandwhiches before we left so that we'd be full till supper. We got to eat at Rib Crib for dinner (our favorite). It was SUCH a fun day!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Da Da

So wouldn't you know...
Roman's with me allllllll day. I'm the one that changes the majority of the diapers. I'm still the primary food source. And even with me constantly saying to Roman, " Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma." it should have been obvious what this kids first word was going to be....

But I don't blame him... He DOES have the best daddy ever!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Clap clap clap!!!

Rome's new things :)

he's ALWAYS crawling and then sits up and then he starts clapping :)

The other thing he's done a couple times is while hes' standing, he turns away from what he's
holding onto and takes two steps and falls. but TWO steps!! he'll balance by himself too. It's crazy seeing him learn these new things!

Here's clapping:

Friday, October 15, 2010

Alumni game

Last monday, Tyler had his Alumni game at JBU. It was the first time that they played in the new gym! It was fun hanging with the wives and letting the kids play in the hospitality room. The new gym is beautiful and it made us excited for the first toilet paper game!!

Sleeping in Target

On Sunday we went into fayetteville for a meeting Ty had with his class. After, we went to target. Ty took Roman walking while I shopped by myself. As I was looking around I came across them sleeping on the couch that was for sale. I couldn't help but laugh!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tyler's-at-Grad-school meal of the week 5

Tomato Basil Turkey Meatballs and Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower

I made one serving:
1/4 lb ground turkey
4 mozzarella balls
Italian seasoning
spaghetti sauce
pesto sauce
1/2 cup broccoli
1/2 cup cauliflower

form meatballs around the cheese- add salt, pepper, Italian seasoning
pour in veggies drizzle everything with EVOO and add seasoning to veggies as well
oven at 400. Bake for 20-25 minutes.
In skillet add in tomato and pesto sauce- keep on low stirring occasionally till meatballs are done.
take out and pour sauce over meatballs and serve.
Trust me... oh. so. good! (and healthy!)

FCA fields of faith

Last night (wednesday) Ty and I attended Siloam Springs Fields of faith. Roman went with us too :) It was pretty chilly! On our way to the field, Roman fell asleep (YES!!!!) he stayed sleeping for about the first 30 min. I had him wrapped in two blankets because of the cold. We were on the football field. It was a time when the youth were able to share testimonies and to have the gospel presented. It was amazing. There were right under 300 kids there. After the testimonies and the different skits, all the kids broke up into small groups. I stayed with Roman while Ty and quite a few other people let the small groups to reiterate what the kids had just heard. It was a great night!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FCA 5th Quarter

Last Friday night, FCA in Siloam Springs hosted a 5th quarter for the kids. It went great! Tyler and our friend Dave Pequeno were in charge of the games. It was fun to see them get into it along with the kids. The games were minute to win it style. It went till midnight. Roman was awake for most of it. Because he's been teething his sleeping has been non existent. BUT he finally was tired enough to fall asleep about 11:30.
Here's some pics!