Tuesday, October 26, 2010

our day-cation in Branson

Last Sunday we went to Branson for the day. We haven't gotten to go anywhere for a nice little vacation this summer so we thought that it would be fun to go for the day. We also got a nice surprise check in the mail that was a refund we weren't expecting so we thought we needed to do something fun :)

We left after Ty did music for both services and then 10 hours later we came home! It was a fast and fulfilling trip!!

We went shopping at the landing and the Tanger outlets.

checking fantasy football :)

Rome hit a wall, he was so tired! even kisses weren't helping! ha!

While we were in the gap outlet, ty was holding roman and walking around. I turned the corner and saw them and rome had fell asleep! Ty didn't eve realize it it was so quick!

We ate some breakfast sandwhiches before we left so that we'd be full till supper. We got to eat at Rib Crib for dinner (our favorite). It was SUCH a fun day!

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  1. Why are we not best friends?? :) I love reading your blog, because our little families are so much alike! We LOVE Rib Crib- just had it on Sunday... It's our favorite too!