Monday, February 10, 2014

Double Masters

He did it!

Tyler finished his grad school.  SO proud of him and SO glad he's done! no more studying and no more grad school. Glad he did it but i'm glad to have him be done with the stress of it all.
Getting the wrinkles out.

Proud of that daddy!

Our cheering section for Tyler

Kerwin came up from Lexington for the festivities

 SO proud of him!!

The boys made it through the ceremony great.  But As soon as daddy was done, Gray was OUT.  Tired- with good reason! The day before Gray had a nasty stomach bug.  He even threw up once before the ceremony.  I had no idea with how the day would go.

I threw a little reception for Ty at 28 springs. Nice to have such a classy place in siloam for these things.

Isn't that a great cake! the little bakery in siloam did such a good job!


Grayson is 1!!

The year FLEW. My baby is one!  We planned a little birthday get together with some close friends. The snow delayed it twice! We finally got together and we were so glad we got to celebrate!

Such a sweetie!
Who wouldn't love a crib full of balloons?
Traditional birthday pancakes!

His real birthday was on thanksgiving so we celebrated at thanksgiving at the roebucks :)
12 months old!

LOVE his face :)