Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Half Marathon

Around the beginning of May Shelby told me that she was going to run a half marathon in September.  If you know Shelby, you know that she's a rock start athlete and can totally do it.  She asked if I wanted to do it with her.  If you know me, you know that i like to go on walks, maybe do the elliptical and a moderate pace,  I might even do a sit up here or there- but a 13.1 miles?? I'm pretty sure i laughed.  Didn't she know that i've never even ran a single mile before?

But I told her i'd think about it.  And a few days later I started couch to 5k.  Here's my screen shot of week 1 day 1.  on May 9, 2013.  It was awful.  after this, I knew I'd have to tell Shelby that it was a NO GO on the 1/2.  But she, the ever encouraging and motivating personal trainer type, said she thought I could do it.  So I continued to do couch to 5k.

She sent me this training calendar and it happened to line up exactly to start when I finished couch to 5k.  Perfect, right?
One of the big clenchers to commiting to the 1/2 was the day that I was talking to my brother Isaac.  If you know my brothers that are incredible athletes.  They have gigantic goals that normal people would just dream about- when it comes to their wrestling but there's not doubt that they have the ability to reach them.   He was giving me a hard time that I have never even ran a mile.  (this was during couch to 5k)  That night I did my couch to 5k run and felt pretty good.  I thought- i'm gonna run a whole mile without stopping and just see if i can do it.  I was SHOCKED to see that i not only did it but I did it in under 9 minutes.  

I told shelby that i'd do the training with her and then decide if i could really do the actual race.  She was so great about it! We decided to try and run together some and to do our long weekend runs together.

Each long run was hard and I thought I couldn't make it but I did!

 6 miles

 8 miles

9 miles
our first race :) a 5k with Lucas Roebucks for St Rep running team :)
which Shelby kicked booty in!! (she got 3rd!)
It was harder then i thought it was going to be for sure- but i ran the fastest 5k i've ever done!

 10 miles

A few weeks before the actual half, Shelby and I ran the Fayetteville 1/2 course.  It was rough- hilly, and along streets that didn't have a spot for us to run- we were running on the shoulder of the road- it was rough.  our time was 2:36.  Way off of our goal but helped us to be able to have a better idea for where we're at.


Shelby and I and the kids went up the day before the run- Mike and Ty came up later that night so we could all rest before the rest.  It was also special because mom, dad, and Jay came down as well.

  It was a beautiful day! it was so awesome!

We ran it incredibly- we took pics each mile and it was so much fun doing this with Shelby.

The pictures share a lot :)

The fan walked to meet us at the 1/2 way point...

 Shelby and I had just been talking about how we wished our family would come cheer us on- and then THERE they were! so fun!

kinda poor quality but here's the end of the race :)

Vacation Summer 2013

we took a couple back to back trips late this summer.  We went to hot springs and then over to see gma and gpa abercrombie. We went with the Roebucks and we had a fun time doing a bigger family vacation.

Then we went to Branson for the weekend.  It was fun to have some family time together at the lodge.  swimming and shopping.


Fun pic of Rome at around 10 months on that bob the builder toy and then rome on it at 3 :)