Sunday, June 21, 2015

Grayson's Scary (for mommy!) Swim Adventure

Today is Father's Day. I wanted to blog today about a very scare thing that happened this weekend.

Yesterday, We went to Tulsa to spend the Saturday of Fathers Day with Kerwin and Nancy.  They have a pool- literally a step and a half outside their back door.  I think one of my greatest fears is swimming pools.  You can never truly relax knowing something so dangerous is close by.  I always feel on edge and on alert when we're around them.  Especially because of Gray.

My brother said it best- Gray has no fear. I'm constantly on my toes- He's not shy, he'll help himself to anything.  He Loves making messes, getting into things.  He'll jump off high things. He is scared of nothing. He is not a disobedient kid.  In fact- he response well to me saying, "no" he's quick to obey. He's just adventurous in every meaning of the word.

I truly know this and feel i have a good attention span for keeping him safe.

I knew that yesterday would be a very fun day because he was GOING to get to swim in the pool- i wouldn't have to be chasing him and blocking him from it.  He does wonderfully with his little puddle jumper on.  I can sit pool side and soak up the sun as he swims around.

So when it was time to swim, I had Roman go upstairs and tell Gray "its time to swim!" I was in the living room with the door to outside- i turned around to get their life jackets and I hear a big SPLASH.  And a panicked "he's in the water" my heart stopped because i just knew it was Grayson.  I heard a second splash and  tried to weave through the adults and i heard someone say "its Gray."  By the time i had got outside, he was out of the water.  Nancy had jumped in, clothes and flip flops and all and grabbed him in time to get him out. I got to him, saw he was fine- crying because he had to GET OUT of the pool- not because he was scared or hurt.  I turned quickly and just hugged Nancy- so many emotions- but SO much gratitude. (PS: i am so grateful i didn't see any of it and got there right as he was out- I think that that image would have haunted me.)

He had gotten from upstairs (the other side of the house) squeezed through the many adults in the living room, and out the door and into the pool in less then 10 sec.  This is why I do not blame anyone for Gray getting to the pool- even myself (which is rare for me!) He was JUST that fast- I was getting his life jacket for him!

He swam the rest of the day (1-4) and slept the whole way home.  (These next details are for memory sake) I ended up calling our on call pediatrician because of a haunting post near drowning issue called dry drowning. I knew Gray had barely been in the water, but to be safe i wanted some advice.  They advised watching him from 6 hours to 24 hours after the event. They said if he coughs, runs a fever, vomits, or has breathing issues take him to the ER right away. So i stayed up till around 4am just keeping an eye on him.  As I write, we are now one hour past 24hours.  So i can relax and say he's just fine!

The reason I write this story is to first, remember the details,  but second remember that this has made me decide a few things  as his mommy.  I truly believe that God has an unbelievable plan for Grayson Noble Dees.  It has to be to keep up with Gray- ha! I love that kid more and more all the time. He is so different then my first born, but that's what makes him this mystery that I want to figure out. His soon to be Aunt Rebekah called out his budding personality yesterday, and I really do see it coming into more light.  Tyler's mom had specific prayers she prayed for each of her kids.  I want to do that with our Boys.  I will pray for wisdom and for clarity on what prayer I should be praying for my two amazing but very different boys. I am one blessed Momma!

This was Grayson's video about 10:30 last night.  He's so funny.