Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4 Months!

how is this boy 4 months old already!!??

I knew it would go fast but i didn't anticipate it flying by so quickly. I saw a newborn at walmart the other day and couldn't help but be blown away by how BIG Roman seemed!

Here's some things about this beautiful baby boy that God blessed me with!
1. He's SMILING at everything and anything!
2. He's laughing and giggling
3. He's in 3-6 month clothes
4. He sleeps good... only waking up for food once or twice

5. He LOVES baby einstein which I LOVE so I can take a nice relaxing shower- complete with shaving my legs!! WOO HOO!!
6. He stayed with daddy for the first time without mommy... Daddy did GREAT but Roman wasn't so sure about it :)
7.He hates when i throw him up and catch him above my head- he gets pretty scared :(
8. He loves singing songs
9. hes started to grab his feet and pull them up to his face. He also grabs his toys with his feet!
10. He still doesnt' like riding in his car seat- but he's getting better- he'll usually cry himself to sleep if we're lucky!
11. He loves other babies and young kids. I think since he never gets to see them he gets captivated by them if we go anywhere. He just lights up when he sees them (like at the revenue office or county clerk- it helps the time go by when he can look at other little ones!)
12. He is selective about rolling over- he'll do it on the bed when he wants something but if we're on the floor he just knows that he doesn't have to move- he likes just relaxing. :)
13. He arches his back and scoots around on the floor or while i'm changing his diaper.
14. He'll give me kisses :) big wet slobbery!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

1st baseball game

Tonight Tyler's company, sara lee, had a fun event at the Naturals ball park. This family night was for all of the families of the employees. We ate burgers and hotdogs and enjoyed the fun evening! For Roman, it was his first ball game!! He looked and looked all over! We made it 2 hrs before he had enough and we made it to the car (only for it to start raining!) It was FUN!!

Fingers :)

Roman has started to now suck on his fingers and thumbs constantly! he's started to do it while he sleeps too. i LOVE it!

Laughing with Grandma Vicki

Roman can laugh!! he started little giggles and now at times we can get him to do full blown gut laughs! it is ADORABLE! in this video he's laughing at gma vicki. :)


Here's a pic of his pumas that aunt shelby got him... they're SUPER tight- this may be the last time he wears them!!

Playing with Daddy

Recently our town's movie gallery closed. we happened to go in and look the last two days it was open. We got some mega deals!!! we ended up getting 33 dvds (blue ray and regular) and video games for the price of about 2 regular priced blue rays. We were HAPPY!!!

Yesterday, we decided to try and play one of the games. Roman was enthralled by the game!! he just stared and stared. He got pretty excited when Ty let him hold the controller too :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

growing boy :)

Sad face

Here's another video from a few weeks ago that just melts my heart :) i just have to share it again :)

Roman smiling at himself

Anytime Roman sees himself in a mirror he just BURSTS with smiles! We tried to capture it with a video- but it just doesn't do him justice :) haha! Sorry it's so long!!

Big Bed :)

Tonight Ty and I are at his parent's house using their internet. Roman fell asleep about an hour ago and I took some cute pics of him enjoying the big bed all to himself :)

Bouncing Baby Boy

Roman LOVES to bounce. We bounce while standing, while sitting, while laying down, while walking. Any time Roman's awake, he's bouncing. SO why wouldn't he love to bounce by himself? We got a johnny jump up for him about 4 weeks ago. Now that he's super stable with his head it's the perfect time for him to get jumping! The age on the box says 6 months and up but he LOVES it at 3 months :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Almost rollover

Sorry for these videos they must be really annoying to everyone but me and family :) haha!! we're pretty proud!

Rolling over

3 month pics

3 months old! what a beautiful boy (says the momma!) He is SUCH a joy. His smile just makes us melt!!

1. Roman is kickin kickin kickin!!

2. He’s grabbing toys and balls.

3. His favorite toy is his tunnel he lays on and under and plays with the inflatable ball.

4. He still likes baths.

5. He likes Peek-a-boo.

6. He had his first trip out of the state to NE!

7. He’s still not a fan of the car.

8. He won’t sleep by himself- either in my arms or in the swing.

9. He sleeps from 10 at night till 2 and then eats. Then 2:15 till 6:00.

10. Naps are random- usually from 8:00- 10:00 and then usually 1 or 2 till 4:00 and then he’s awake with us till 7 and takes a little cat nap J

11. He smiles at everything- SUCH a happy baby!

12. We still bounce on the exercise ball to get him to sleep.

HeHe’s learning how to roll over (see next post!!)

More NE Pics

Uncle Jay and the motorcycle
first 4 wheel ride with Grandpa Terry
Driving the tractor... hahaha!
Good Ol' John Deere:)