Saturday, February 26, 2011

Romes Birthday!!

Today was Roman's first birthday. All day long i'd tell Roman "Happy birthday!" I think he thought it was a new game :) he'd smile and laugh. The morning started out rough- he was awake for probably only 20 min around 9 and then fell back asleep till almost 1! he woke up happier :) we then went to dollar tree to get some balloons. It was fun being with him. We had a small blue/green party at our house around 3- it was super sweet and fun! Rome had his own cake and received some special presents. He got loaded up on sugar and didn't fall asleep tonight till around 11:30 (thank you sugar!) he LOVED having people over and we LOVED watching him.

Here's a few pics of the day!

Our invitation:
The welcome sign:

This was the first cake i've ever made- i'm so glad it turned out better then I was expecting- all i can say is i have a new HUGE appreciation for cake makers- WOW!
the smash cake:

Gotta represent the true green :)
Before the guests arrived, We opened the door and we realized that the lighting was AMAZING for pics! these are a few that we got:

I just love this boy!

Tyler's Trivia game:

Our nephew Max smiling for me:) Our niece Maggie was there too, Roman just LOVES them! they are so special and so kind to Roman! LOVE THEM! :)
Nick asking Roman for help on the Trivia game:

My friend Ashton and her baby kastyn came to the party!
I absolutely Love these pics of Roman with Grandmama Vicki. She gets exhausted so fast but her presence at Romans party melted my heart. it meant so much to me!

Baby Kastyn:

Tyler's Trivia:
Hanging with Ariane
Cake Time!
Just a lick:
Then he dove in mouth first:

Max and Maggie are ready for cake!
Kisses from Uncle Russ:
The end cake:
Opening Presents

Roman eating the cake:

Tyler made a video for the party- a representation (we have over 12,000 pics of his first year) of our year with Rome: