Friday, April 19, 2013

Shelby Graduates/ Spring break NE

In mid-march we were able to go up to NE for a week.  It was a packed week! we got to see Ike (he was home on his spring break), Ty and Mike (shelb's husband) got to venture out to CO to take ike back to school, we got to see my other brother Jay wrestle, we got to celebrate Romes bday with the NE family, and we got to see Shelby graduate!

This was Grayson's first trip to NE and he did amazingly well!

Before heading up, we had to stop in bentonville for Ty to wrap up a few work things and to get tags for out van.

The boys were champs to hang with me awhile in the car!

Once we were in NE it was a bit of a challenge with Rome- this was the first time we had stayed anywhere since Rome has been potty trained and since he's slept in his big boy bed.  Both presented challenges! On the way up, we pulled over for him to pee at least every 1/2-1 hour.  He'd pee in the grass (plus for having a boy!) Sleeping was a challenge too.  We stayed in one of the bedrooms downstairs and just brought both boys in there with us.  We had some tears over wanting to go home when it comes to sleeping. But he overcame and obeyed and slept great! 

The first Sunday we were there we got to see Jay tear it up at his state meet.  He's an 8th grader and this was the first time i've seen him wrestle in a few years.  He is amazing! It was one of those moments where I just stared at disbelief of once again, my siblings growing up.  This is one of a the disadvantages of living so far away. But it was such a joy to see him at this meet!


Following the meet, Ty and Mike took Ike back outt o school.  At the request of me, they took some pictures of their CO visit.

I don't know what it is about being home and roman getting sick but this was no exception.  He ended up getting a little eye infection :( we made him an appointment and got some drops. He's such a good kid! he did GREAT!

Sloane was just captivated by Gray.  He was a real life baby doll :) She held him and he fell asleep! Proof that Gray is a chill baby and that Sloane is ready for a baby sibling (hint hint mike and shelby- ha!)

We were able have a little bday celebration for Roman.  HIs Great Grandma and Grandpa, and Great Great grandma (double great!!) met Grayson for the first time.

Gradma scored big with the tractor cake :)

Then, on Wednesday we headed to Lincoln to celebrate Shelby and her amazing accomplishment finishing and graduating from Physical Therapy Assistant school.  

Having kiddos at a quiet ceremony is tricky! we were hanging in the back letting the kids run around. :)

Mike and Shelby in her Lab

After walking across the stage.
 She spruced up her hat- SO cute!

So proud of this girl! She has been on this road for a few years, going through wait list, getting in after having sloaney, studying for countless hours a day, STILL being a super mommy! I am just so proud of her! I could never have done this.  She is amazing! I had the best conversation with her while we were home.  She was able to tell me a bit about her clinical rotations.  It was so much fun to see the passion and the tender care that she has toward this job.  I truly believe that she has found her niche.  This was what God made her for! I can't wait to see what God has before her now!

I was so glad that we got to go do all these things in NE.  We got back on a Thursday night and then next morning Ty got to go back up to KS City bright and early with some of his friends and be a part of the NCAA bball tourney.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Roman (3) and Gray (2 month) update

We recently had our well checks!

Roman is 35 lbs and 40 inch tall- he's in the (74th and 91st percentiles)
Gray (at his last check-2 months) hes 13.5 and 24 inches tall (73rd and 71st percentiles)

Rome is healthy :) Gray had to get shots- NO fun!

Roman's 3!

HE'S 3!!!!!

He had birthday pancakes and got to open presents before daddy went to work (thank you Snow and semi-slick roads!)

He woke up to ballons on his door- what kid doesn't like balloons :)

 Memerable moment : "Mommy, my super man isn't working- I can't fly" ( he was talkinga bout his cape and mask while running around the living room" SO cute!

with our tiny bit of snow we built a snow man.  He has been wanting to build one for a while now (thank you, caillou!)


 As soon as we were finished, he started that potty dance with an urgent cry of "Mommy I have to potty!"

About 3 in the afternoon, Rome asked, mommy when do I get my birthday cake? honestly, I wasn't going to make one because we're going to do a little party this saturday with a few friends. But his face was just so sweet, I told him, I'll make you one right now! this is the finished product!

That evening, We went to Hog Wild Fun Zone in Siloam With Lucas and Rissa's family.  He had a blast playing with this fun cousins! He slept like a rock!

On Saturday, we had a couple of our friends and their kiddos over to celebrate.  It helped that the Duke v. miami game was on (our friends are miami fans!)

the green cookies went fast :)