Monday, June 10, 2013

6 month photo shoot

These pics just melt my heart and make me realize, again, for the millionth time today how blessed I am that these cuties call me mama.

I was just gonna take some of Gray- but when Roman ASKED to have his pics taken too, how could i resist?? ( i must be doing something right for him to want his picture made :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Amelia Lynn

We had so much fun hanging with the Roebuck kids waiting for their new baby sis to be born- Gray and I went over early (5 am) to keep the 3 older kids routines going while Riss, Lucas, and Aunt Mimi went to the hosp.  It was a fun day full of anticipation for us all! 

About 7:30 that night we were hanging in the waiting room waiting to see the new baby!

We were so blessed to be such a part of the crew :)
 Three siblings waiting for their 4th!
 Our family waiting :)
 Lucas came in and showed them a picture of sweet baby on his phone- they were so excited!
 There she is!! Amelia Lynn (Millie)

A few days after she arrived we had a Dees family party at Lucas and Rissas. It was fun to get to see everyone and to welcome Millie to the family :) She is just PRECIOUS!!! 

 The next weekend, We had an added bonus to get together again and this time we had Grandma Abercrombie, Aunt Suzie and Uncle Larry come up and we got to celebrate Uncle Russ' birthday.

Grandma got to meet Grayson too!


Roman has become obsessed with Super heros. I find him climbing high and jumping off of everything.

 I'm into smoothies- adding spinach makes me feel healthy :) i'm thinking nursing is holding onto my last lbs of baby weight like it did with Rome- BUT nursing trumps dream weight- being a mom means sacrifice right? Totally worth it to nurse!
I find this often- melts my heart how they love each other 

I love how my boys love their daddy- daddy is there favorite 

 I've been exercising with the boys since our schedules don't really allow me to go the gym- trying to do 3+ miles a day (except in the rain!) The boys are fans 1/2 the time.  Rough crying sometimes- still trying to figure out the perfect time to go...
 sweet boy
 Romes been loving bowling (thank you bowling for free in the summer!) He got his first strike here :)
 who is this big kid??
 We went to a movie night here in Siloam.  Maggie came with us- so fun!

 More exercise :)

 Daddy had to shave and Roman wanted to join :) Watching Rome learn from daddy was just precious for this momma!

The Siloam fire department was doing some drills on our empty street- we went to watch- perfect for this boy who LOVEs firetrucks right now!

Aunt Mimi came and stayed with us for a week.  She brought a spiderman kite for Roman to play with He LOVED her so much.

After Roman's last soccer game, he and Ty went to watch the NCAA golf championship in Fayetteville.  Kerwin's friend who helps with the Kentucky golf team was there also.  Rome got to meet some of the golfers and got some high 5's and some golf balls- it was hot, but he had fun!


 We've had some scary weather! I told Rome that we were going to go in the closet when the storms got bad- he put all his valuables in the closet- so interesting to see what he deemed "valuable"
 We lost our 1 little tree...

 Rome's friend Ryan came and played with us for the day- so fun!
 Rome and baby's first bath together
 Date night #1 away from 2 kiddos- Thank you my friend LAURA!
 We went to our first naturals game of the season- BEAUTIFUL night, perfect weather! one of the best nights :)

Baseball hit with the french fry

Ty was gone this past weekend and the boys and I spent a little over an hour in the closet under a mattress- I truly dislike these storms- especially when i'm single parenting it!