Wednesday, January 25, 2012

gummy bear

One of Roman's favorite things is you tube on our ipad. He can navigate from video to video. His favorites are elmo and mickey mouse. And occasionally he'll find some real gems. He LOVES the laughing baby's and he loves all the crazy basketball trick's people do on there. The other day, he found this REALLY annoying video. Since he found it we've watched it many many times a day.

Yesterday, I caught him dancing to the video- it was adorable. I tried to video it sneaky-ly so that he wouldn't stop. He danced for about an hour- it was so funny!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fun with Laura and Brody

A week ago Wednesday, my friend Laura and I went over to Fayetteville for the morning. She has a little boy, Brody, who is 6 months older then Rome. They play so well together and Roman just LOVES him! We went to Chick fil A for lunch and then over to McDonalds to play at their great play place.

We also decided that we were gonna tackle the fitness world and signed up at Anytime Fitness! So far we've worked out almost everyday- later at night while the kidos are winding down/sleeping. It has been wonderful. Despite the first few days of being so sore, it has been so energizing. Getting to know Laura more has also been great. She is such a good friend!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Family Christmas

Our tradition is to have our little family Christmas on New Years Day. This year, since New Years was on a Sunday, we had to have a speedy Christmas before church.

Tyler made Mickey Mouse pancakes!

Rome got elmo slippers- he LOVED them!
He got a stool so that he could go potty in the potty chair :)
Rome loved his hat he got!

(Roman started running a fever Thursday night and it was still there on Sunday- we ended up taking him to urgent care on Monday because he was still feeling awful! Turns out it was strep and a double ear infection! POOR KID! That's why he's crying in the pics!)