Sunday, November 22, 2009

25 and 26 weeks

This last thursday we had our Dr. appointment. All was well :) yeah!!! we got to hear his heartbeat. Dr. Crownover measured my belly and I'm measuring bigger then i actually am time wise which is such a blessing! I'm so glad to know our babies growing!

Health wise i've been feeling faint more often then i'd like. I'm sure it's the babies position that's causing the problem. I've upped my iron but am still having some trouble with it. I went and saw a movie with a friend and didn't make it to the car without having to sit down and let the buzzing in my ears stop. Yesterday we celebrated Ty's fam's thanksgiving. It was such a nice time! I had to go lay down during the beginning of the meal because the buzzing and spinning room wouldn't stop. I'm sure it will eventually get better!

26 weeks!!

25 weeks!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

24 weeks

Time is flying! we're already 24 weeks. I know that the days to come are going to go so fast with the holidays! we're so excited for the next few months. Today (Sunday) is 25 weeks. So I'll have to take pics soon!
Tomorrow Ty is leaving for Chicago for work. He'll be gone till Wed. I'm planning on moving in with Kerwin and Vicki for the few days :) I had been dreading the 3 days because of the loneliness it would entail but I'm getting excited to spend the time with Kerwin and Vicki :)
Our little guy is moving like crazy! It's fun to feel him constantly there.
Choosing a name is hard! We have a few favorites but it seems like there are endless possibilities that we haven't even looked at yet! How do we ever decide?!
Next Thursday I'll have my next Dr. appointment. I'm not sure if Ty will be able to come but I know Vicki will and for that I'm SO grateful! She has been able to come with me to the Dr. for past appointments and it's been so great to have her there. It's fun sharing the event with someone so sweet and encouraging! I'll be sure to post the news that we get next Thurs!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

MY amazing husband...

For everyone that knows me it will come at no surprise that I HATE debt. I can't stand credit cards and the temptation it creates to spend outside of your means. I am a HUGE fan of Dave Ramsey's teaching and am a complete nerd when it comes to crunching numbers and investing and growing a savings. So Graduating with student loans has been a thorn in my side since July when out first payment was due. It's an overwhelming thing having that debt. Tyler graduated with NOTHING but his wife's loans. :)

Before Ty and I got pregnant we would always say that we wanted to start a fam as soon as student loans were paid off. We shouldn't have been surprised when God changed our plans when we found out we were preg :)

We figured last June that if we live super frugal and use all of our extra money to go to student loans we could pay it all off by June of next year. So we've been making huge monthly payments and have been loving watching them diminish. I teased Tyler that as soon as it was paid off I wanted an Ipod touch. It gave me something to look forward to (other then the FREEING feeling of being debt free.)

Here's the part where I tell how amazing Tyler is...
Tyler told me that he had two gifts for me. They were hidden in our kitchen in two drawers. He said that I could pick which one to open first. So i opened the first one and inside the envelope was an I pod touch. I was shocked because I knew that this meant that he kept missing the part where I told him AFTER student loans. UGH! So I nicely told him, "what about student loans???" He told me that I still had one more drawer to open.
I slowly opened the drawer and inside was another envelope. I opened it and pulled out a HUGE pile of cash. He wouldn't tell me how much it was but that I needed to count it. To my surprise it was the exact amount of what I had left in student loans. I started to cry I was so happy and shocked. It turns out that Tyler had been saving and using his talents to make money in order to surprise me and pay our student loans 7 months sooner then expected.


So now we're debt free! Dave Ramsey' would be proud! having the weight lifted off is a beautiful thing!

I have SUCH an amazing husband! We finished out night by getting chips and salsa and fried Ice cream from a restaurant here in town :)

23 weeks and 23rd birthday :)

Friday was my 23rd Birthday. It was such a special day!

Birthday’s growing up began with a pancake and candles before school and usually ended with a fun meal and little party.

Friday morning began with my wonderful husband making me coffee before he left. It was such a sweet sweet smell to wake up to! I must say it beat pancakes J

Then around 11 Cherissa and her kids max and Maggie stopped by with a gift and a happy birthday wish. HOW sweet!

Vicki came later that afternoon and brought me a card and little gift as well. I feel so loved J

My NE fam sent me a gift which included our son’s first pair of puma shoes from his aunt Shelby.

Tyler took me out to eat Friday night to Shoguns! What an amazing man! His gift was super special (more to come in the next post!)

23 weeks pic
the chef cooking
the onion soup
the YUMMY salad
our menu
The plate before :)
My plate when i was full (oh yeah i brought home 3 more meals!!)
cooking the shrimp, steak and chicken

Ty and I