Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Grayson Day!

On Wednesday Noveber 28, 2012 at 4:00 am, our alarms went off for us to do some last minute things before we went to the hosp to have our 2nd baby boy.  I took a bath, repacked my hosp bag, and did my hair and makeup.  My mom came in the night before to help with Rome and to come to the hosp for delivery.  It was peace of mind to know that she was here! we left right at 5 to go to the hosp.
39 week belly!

Once we got there we had to snap a quick pic! we delivered at Siloam's new hosp- it was gorgeous and we had such a great experience! We had to fill out paperwork for a little while- then around  6:15 the started my IV.  I was dialated to a 3 and was 75% effaced. At 7:45 I got my epideral- we had requested Dr. Cooper because we had heard that he was a very good anesthesiologist- and we were not disappointed! 

They started pitocin at 8am.  Dr. Hill came in at 8:20 and broke my water. I felt nothing- the epideral was amazing! About this time I was at a 4. Ty went to get lunch at 11.  At 11:45 I was a 5, moved to a 6 by 1:00.  I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable- I told the nurse and she said she'd call dr cooper.  He came in and gave me a bolis which re numbed everything. At about 2:45 I was at a 9. I started to feel a little pressure and then at 2:55 I was at a 10.  They called dr hill at 3:00 to come and he got there at about 3:15.  after  20 min of pushing, Gray was here!!

We had a scary moment after he was born- he didn't cry and wasn't really moving like we would have liked to see.  I was in awe of the calmness of Dr. Hill and the nurses- they just went to work at getting him going- I hated not being able to do anything to help. Just laying there waiting for him to cry.  It felt like forever.  Finally after rubbing him and doing quite a bit of suctioning we heard a quiet cry that grew louder and louder.  We finally breathed a sigh of relief!

Rissa took care of Rome through the day for us.  She was a godsend knowing that Rome was in great hands that he knew and trusted.  She brought her kiddos and Rome up to the waiting room and was able to get away to come into the room a few minutes after Gray was born.  I loved having her there to share the joy of our new little one so soon after he was born.

This was a sweet sweet moment as well.  I've never seen anyone have the joy that Ty's mom did when a new grandchild was announced and born.  Once again we had a super "miss you"moment with missing Vicki during this special moment of the birth of baby Gray.

Rome thanking the nurses for helping Baby Gray being born.
He was so excited to meet baby Gray!

Looking at his toes

He was in awe of how small Gray was.

Max, Maggie, and xander got to come in after the special Roman time.

That night, mom took Rome home and stayed with him.  Duke had a basketball game. This was Grayson's first game :)

minutes after birth...
Grayson Noble Dees was born November 28 2012 at 3:34 pm. He weighted 7 lb and 14 oz and was 20.5 inches long.

We went home the next day- 25 hours after he was born!

It was such a great experience.  Labor was hard work but the epidural made it very tolerable and  overall painless. We are so blessed!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

last weeks before Grayson...

We tried to do some fun outings with JUST Rome before Gray got here- we went on a date to Marketplace followed by lights on the square in Fayetteville.  We got Rome a light up sword that he just LOVED!

Since Grayson's due date was so close to Thanksgiving we decided to stay in Siloam.  My friend Ariane invited us to her family's house for Thanksgiving dinner and fellowship. It was so fun to be a part of their family!
This was Rome outside their house with the leaves- he's SO big!