Tuesday, January 26, 2010

35 weeks

Once again this past week has sped by!

Wednesday I had my 34 week Dr. Appointment with Dr. Crownover. Everything was great and normal! I got to hear Roman's heart beat and measured a bit big for 34 weeks. (Sounds good to me : ) My weight is finally 2 lb away from what it was before my potassium dropped a few weeks ago- which is GREAT!

Thursday I had my loving choices appointment and found out about a great breast feeding class that they are offering the first week of February.

This weekend we watched football on Sunday and went to JBU's basketball games on Saturday night. It was fun to be back and reconnect with so many people!

Something really interesting that has been happening the last two weeks is how crazy these braxton hicks contractions! It's been building to where it is very common have them once an hour. They're not painful or horrible by any means but they are very much noticeable : ) Hopefully this means he'll definitely come early :)

Tonight will be Tyler and my 3rd week of birthing classes. It has been such a fun experience doing the classes with Tyler. We are constantly looking at each other and laughing throughout the class. While I can't imagine doing some of the things suggested during labor, others seem to be a bit helpful.

This week I'm planning on making the nursery curtain, baby announcements, and to try and get everyone's address together for the announcement.

Next Tuesday is our Sara Lee baby shower (ty's work) and Next Thursday is my baby shower that Cherissa, Tyler's sister, is hosting for me YEAH!!!

Here's a cute outfit that I got for $1.00!! I call it the aunt Shelby outfit because I just know she'd love it :)

Here's the wall art I made that match the nursery set.

35 week picture.

Monday, January 18, 2010

34 weeks

I cannot believe that there is only 5-6 weeks lefts before I get to hold my little boy!

This last week was all about sewing. On Monday I made the skirt for the crib. Tuesday was the quilt. Wednesday was the DEEP CLEANING day (I'm fairly sure I cleaned things that have never been cleaned before in this apt; like behind washer dryer and above the kitchen cabinets, yuck!). Thursday was the mattress sheet and the bumper pads. Friday I was able to go to Fayetteville and go baby clothes shopping. Ty and I went to lunch and he was finished a bit early so we went and saw a movie as well. SUUUUUUUUUPER FUN!!! We saw the Book of Eli with Denzel Washington which we both absolutely loved. For the weekend Ty and I went to see how his mom was doing after her eventful day on Friday and Sunday brought church and football : )

Here's the Crib set!!
All I have left to do in the nursery is the curtains, make an extra crib sheet, and create some wall hangings wit the extra fabric I have from the crib set.

I am super excited because I just found some baby things in the exact colors that match the baby's room! It's the line by Graco-Rittenhouse. It's just beautiful!
This week I have my Dr. appointment with Dr. Crownover on Wednesday and my loving choices appointment on Thursday.
34 weeks!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

33 weeks and pictures :)

33 weeks.
32 weeks.

Roses from my hubby for our two year anniversary :)

Despite the crazy cold weather this week has gone so fast and been so fun!

Tyler ended up getting 3 "snow" days. I sure do love him being able to stay home!

We were able to go to hobby lobby and get a tremendous deal on everything I needed to start the Roman's bedding. I'm starting it Monday - we figured out, because of my new due date, I am acctually 34 weeks and have just 6 to go. I think I may contiune to go on my old due date just so that if he's late I won't be too disappointed. :) But i'll try to get everything ready just in case :)

When Tyler and I were home for Christmas/Wedding we were given some great advice that we decided we needed to follow. We were told that we needed to date each other as much as possible before Roman gets here. Having Ty home for snow days made this a whole lot easier! Friday night we watched a movie and got take out chinese food. On Saturday we went to a movie and went to eat at Penguin Ed's in Fayetteville (YUMMO!) Today, Sunday we went to church and then are going to go work out this afternoon. I think after that we may start a new TV series or play a video game together (so fun!)

It makes me so happy to see how excited that Tyler is for Roman to get here. I love seeing his face when he feels Roman move in my tummy. I love hearing him talk sports with Roman. I'm sure he'll be born with more knowledge about sports then I already have. I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

32 weeks

I'm positive that as my belly grows times goes faster!

Last I updated we were on the brink of escaping our snowed in prison in NE. And after 6 days of not being able to leave we were so excited to finally go to town that Monday! (Dec 28th)

Tyler, Mike, Shelby, and I left to go see Mike and Shelbs new apartment in Kearney but had to wait until dad could dig us out on our country roads. We went Monday afternoon and it was SO cute! They're living in Kearney while Mike finishes up school and Shelb is working for a Physical Therapy place. I just loved it!

Monday night Shelb and I went to a shower that her Maid of Honor, Ashley, and I threw for her. It was fun once again to go somewhere :)

Tuesday brought all the Bokelman family to our house and we began decorating the church. Shelb, mom and I all went and got our nails done and did a bit of grocery/wedding shopping.

Wednesday was the big day for decorating at the church. Thursday was the Rehearsal and Friday was the wedding.

I must say, Shelby was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. Her hair and make up were beautiful. Her dress was perfect. I felt so honored to be a part of it! It's such a weird feeling having your little sister get married. But to see her so happy, I would even say the happiest i've ever seen her, makes all the feelings of losing her go away :)

Being a prego matron of honor wasn't bad either! I didn't get too tired, too faint, or too anything that took away from the day.

Mike and Shelby!

There will be soon be pics to put up of Shel and her day (plus my 31 week pic :)

After the wedding Tyler and I stayed until Sunday. We drove back all day and have had a fun week of snow days (Monday and today!) Ty's been home and I just LOVE it! I'm excited because I got a sewing machine for christmas from my parents. Today, Ty and I are going to venture to hobby lobby and get the necessities to start making some of Roman's nursery items. YEAH!!!!