Sunday, January 10, 2010

33 weeks and pictures :)

33 weeks.
32 weeks.

Roses from my hubby for our two year anniversary :)

Despite the crazy cold weather this week has gone so fast and been so fun!

Tyler ended up getting 3 "snow" days. I sure do love him being able to stay home!

We were able to go to hobby lobby and get a tremendous deal on everything I needed to start the Roman's bedding. I'm starting it Monday - we figured out, because of my new due date, I am acctually 34 weeks and have just 6 to go. I think I may contiune to go on my old due date just so that if he's late I won't be too disappointed. :) But i'll try to get everything ready just in case :)

When Tyler and I were home for Christmas/Wedding we were given some great advice that we decided we needed to follow. We were told that we needed to date each other as much as possible before Roman gets here. Having Ty home for snow days made this a whole lot easier! Friday night we watched a movie and got take out chinese food. On Saturday we went to a movie and went to eat at Penguin Ed's in Fayetteville (YUMMO!) Today, Sunday we went to church and then are going to go work out this afternoon. I think after that we may start a new TV series or play a video game together (so fun!)

It makes me so happy to see how excited that Tyler is for Roman to get here. I love seeing his face when he feels Roman move in my tummy. I love hearing him talk sports with Roman. I'm sure he'll be born with more knowledge about sports then I already have. I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband!

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  1. I can't believe you are wearing heels at 33 weeks! My back was in awful shape...I guess at 33 weeks I wasn't even allowed to walk around, so heels were way out of the picture! You look great.