Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The bonfire went great! We had hoped to have around 30 kiddos come and were amazed to see close to 55-60! It was fun to have the kids get here, and then ask if they could text friends to come.

It was fun to see them all be able to be comfortable here. They quickly made themselves home in our man cave and Rome loved having so many new friends around to play with him.

One of my favorite parts was towards the end when all the kids crammed into the man cave and Ty led worship. It was so fun seeing them all sing and laugh and have fun. But I LOVED seeing Roman be confident enough to walk through the kids to sit by daddy and his "uncle" dave.

Here are a few pics:

Friday, November 18, 2011

November 18- Random thoughts

Life has been crazy lately. It seems like we're constantly running and running.

Since Tyler and I started with the youth at our church, we've had lots to do. There's worship practice, planning for events, getting our house ready for the big bonfire we're having tonight, and actual youth group. It's added to our schedule but we LOVE it. It's so fun meeting and hanging with the kids at our church. Though we're busy, it is something that we all get to do together and we are thoroughly enjoying it.

Since I started back coaching gymnastics, Monday's fly by. Rome goes and hangs out with my amazing sis in law- Rissa. He's started to get the hang of it. He even waved goodbye to me!-(tear from momma!)

I love hanging out with my three classes of kidos. I have been blown away at how being a mom has made me be such a better coach! I teach kids ages 18 months-4 years old. Since i'm with Rome all the time, I feel I can relate to these kids better then I could when I was a single college student! ha!

Gymnastics has also brought a place where I can take Roman in the mornings to play. He's caught on well and can do most events- he listens well and likes to learn the new things.

We're finally wrapping up the mowing season- I can't remember if I blogged about it- but last April, we bought an established mowing business in town. We've had a crazy schedule- Ty mowing when he gets home at night 6-9. And giving his Saturday's to mow. Now that the weather has cooled, we're still mowing but in longer stretches. This has taught me to keep GOOD records. I never realized the time it takes to do this- but it has been fun!

I've also been working for a lawyer over in Westville. It's been amazing- I get to do all the work from home- just a few hours a week. It keeps me fresh and my mind thinking :)

Even with all the business, we're enjoying every moment of life. Rome's like his daddy and functions extremely well with going and going and I'm learning to, after all my last name is Dees :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Razorback Game

Callin the hogs

kisses for hil

TP Game

A few weeks ago, Roman and I went to the toilet paper game at JBU with papa Kerwin. We arrived just as Rissa and Lucas' family was getting there. It was fun to spend the pregame time with them and then to see the toss- It was fun to go with Kerwin too!

Max put these on his ears and then literally two minutes later...
Roman did it too!!
We got home and he was tired!