Sunday, October 30, 2011


For this halloween Rome was a Hobo. Complete with guitar and beard.

It was fun getting him ready for the church harvest festival. He was such a good sport to let me put makeup on him :)

Here are a few pic... (excuse the quality- we'll get better ones tomorrow!!)

Also, today, Tyler and I got to go to West Side Story at the Walton Arts Center. It was amazing!! Grandpa Kerwin watched Roman this afternoon so we could go!

and it just occurred to me that he's wearing the same shirt he was wearing in my last post- i promise i have more shirts then that one for him :)

pumpkin patch

This semester, Tyler, Rome and I started helping with the youth at our church. This past Saturday, we went with them to the pumpkin patch/corn maze.

It's been so much fun watching Rome hang with the big kids. They are all so kind and so welcoming to him!

Here are some fun pics.

Friday, October 21, 2011

18 months

Roman is technically 19 months BUT I wanted to put in some of his 18 month facts before I forget them!

  • Rome weighs about 28 lbs.
  • He's in 24 months-2T clothes
  • His shoes is 7 but if he wears socks he can fit in 8-9.
  • He says, dada, mama, ball, bye bye, tractor (ta-to), dog, football (fooball), no, please (pa leeese), love you (ah you), banana (na na), grandpa (papa), Max and Maggie, (Ma), Razorbacks (Piggie) and he's trying a lot of the words we use.
  • He LOVES outside and could live out there if I'd let him
  • He's in size 4 diapers
  • He drinks milk like its going out of style- like almost a gallon in 2 days.
  • He Jumps with two feet while making baskets
  • He likes to draw
  • He loves suckers
  • He likes to brush his teeth
  • He brings me the hairspray and brush for "cool dude hair"
  • He's into Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Tractors, anything with a ball, and Razorbacks (Piggie)
  • He puts his hands in his pockets.
  • He can unbuckle himself in his carseat (ugh!)
  • He Loves putting on Ty and my shoes and walking around
  • He gives everyone kisses
  • He tells everyone in walmart bye bye when we leave
  • He picks up his toys
  • He's quick to help us on every project- if we are using a tool he'll go get a tool as well and come right over next to us to help. (precious!)
  • He does the "cut the pickle game" and then always thinks that he's gonna get tickled
  • He's fascinated with all kids older then him.

Here's a few pics that Mckenzie from JBU took of Rome...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kerwin's Birthday

Yesterday was Kerwin's birthday. Cherrissa invited us all over to his house for a birthday chili. It was such a fun night! All Kerwin knew was that some of the family was coming over. What he didn't know was that she had invited a few of his friends and their families to come over as well. (a few being almost 50:)

Russ went over to do a final clean up and Cherrissa and her kidos came over to work on the chili. Rome and I got there a little before Kerwin got there. Tyler and Lucas joined a little bit after that.

It was fun to relax a bit with him until family after family of friends arrived to wish him a happy birthday and to join us for some chili and cake.

It was fun to see Kerwin's joy of having the house full of his friends and almost all of his family.

It lasted three hours but the conversations were rich and full.

A highlight of the evening was watching Roman be such a big kid! He ran and played almost the whole evening with the other kids in the backyard. He'd run to ty or I needing a drink or because his shoe fell off- he'd get his problem fixed and race off to join the other kids. With one little friend, I looked out to see them holding hands! SO cute! It was a JOY to watch!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Siloam Homecoming

Tyler, Rome, and I went to the Siloam Homecoming game. Before the game started, we went to the steakhouse here in town.
Arkansas Basketball Coach Anderson and his wife were also eating at the steakhouse! We couldn't resist asking for a pic!

Later in the weekend we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for Lunch. I thought Roman looked SO big in these pics!

NE Wrap up

Here are a couple more pics from the time in NE.
Rome and I picked up my grandma Elge (Rome's Grandma Great) and went to lunch at our small town (Aurora) bowling alley. It was fun to spend time with her! The summer before Tyler and I got married I worked 16 hour days at a place in Aurora. Grandma brought my an iced coffee from McDonalds everyday. We also went to the bowling alley to eat on the days that I got off early for the class I was also taking. It was fun to visit the bowling alley again!

Roman absolutely LOVED baby Sloane. I was in AWE that he was so kind and gentle to her. He would constantly give her uninstigated gentle kisses. He even would come and sit by whoever was holding her. He would then put his arms out to hold her. He did so well! It gave me hope for a future baby :)
This is a pic of a cute dress my sis gave me! It is one that is too cute and trendy for me to have ever picked out by myself- but i'm glad that she gave it to me because sometimes I need a little stretch in my closet! It turned out SUPER cute!