Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NE Wrap up

Here are a couple more pics from the time in NE.
Rome and I picked up my grandma Elge (Rome's Grandma Great) and went to lunch at our small town (Aurora) bowling alley. It was fun to spend time with her! The summer before Tyler and I got married I worked 16 hour days at a place in Aurora. Grandma brought my an iced coffee from McDonalds everyday. We also went to the bowling alley to eat on the days that I got off early for the class I was also taking. It was fun to visit the bowling alley again!

Roman absolutely LOVED baby Sloane. I was in AWE that he was so kind and gentle to her. He would constantly give her uninstigated gentle kisses. He even would come and sit by whoever was holding her. He would then put his arms out to hold her. He did so well! It gave me hope for a future baby :)
This is a pic of a cute dress my sis gave me! It is one that is too cute and trendy for me to have ever picked out by myself- but i'm glad that she gave it to me because sometimes I need a little stretch in my closet! It turned out SUPER cute!

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