Monday, January 24, 2011

Snow and fun pics

Roman finally got to experience his first snow!!
After getting him all bundled up, we went outside. He just stood there a bit frozen. Then he started crying. He was not a fan! ha!

we went shopping in walmart and he fell asleep. :)
putting together his baby 4-wheeler
on a random Sunday morning, we were in Walmart and we ran into this guy! (Nolan Richardson!)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Rome's 1st Hoops

I mentioned in an earlier post that Rome got a little tykes basketball goal for Christmas. This gift has led to many many hours thus far, of playing ball in the living room. We've been just playing for fun with Rome, but we never thought that he'd get the hang of it so far. Last night, Ty and I were in the man cave watching TV and we heard Rome with the ball, we snuck in to watch, and to our surprise- he was making basket after basket- all by himself!!

It was so FUN! We were stoked!

Monday, January 17, 2011

10 months

Roman is 10 months old.

-he's been walking for almost 2 months
-he's so stinking smart! it amazed me how much he understands
-he stops when we say "no" (he usually goes back to what he was doing but at least he knows to look at us! ha!)
-he has 7 teeth
-he eats everything- reallllly loves baby mum mums
-he teases kauzie- runs around dragging kauzie's toys for him to chase him
-he hasn't been sleeping well :( not sure why.
-he doesn't really cry when others take him now. (YES!!!)
-he plays bball with daddy- we got a little bball goal and ball and he's makes baskets by himself!! He also throws the ball to us.
-he's wearing 12-18 month clothes
-he LOVES other little kids
-he gives hugs
-he still does his sweet cheezy smile where he closes his eyes tight and does a lopsided grin
-he's growing out of size 3 diapers
-he's in shoes size 5
-he LOVEs outside
-he likes crashing block towers.
-he'll dance and clap whenever he hears music.

Christmas- JUST US!

Since christmas happens in two different states for us, we decided that for our family, we'd have our little Christmas on New Years day. It was so fun to just all be together. We got roman just a couple little gifts. I decided to do cinnamon rolls for breakfast- but they totally flopped! (send me your recipes if you have a good one for cinnamon rolls! we had a fun time just hanging and being together.

these were supposed to be the cinamin rolls! at least our puppy loved them!

Gotta love the "straight outta bed" looks from the messy hair/no makeup pics ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011


The weekend we left for NE was a busy one.

We had Ty's fam's Christmas and we also had a wedding of our good friends.

Ty's fam Christmas was a blast. This season was Roman's first Christmas! Christmas for Ty and I was so much more fun for this very reason. we started late Friday night and did something new- a white elephant gift exchange. I had never laughed so hard with ty's fam. It was great. The next morning we did regular gifts and lunch. That afternoon, we went to our friend Adam Workman's wedding- it was so sweet and fun.

The next morning, we decided to leave for NE.

It was a crazy time! all three of us got the flu, luckily it wasn't all at the same time! We got to see lots of family, and made/ate lots of food :) here's the pics!

It was such a merry Christmas! After we got back, I got a nasty cold the first two days back and then on new years day we had our little family christmas. It was fun to make cinnamon rolls and watch movies all day:) Rome Loved his few little presents.