Friday, June 30, 2017

32 weeks

Baby girl is moving right along!!
We are in the 3rd trimester and about 7 weeks till we're due!
We had our 32 week appointment yesterday and everything looks to be going good.
Blood pressure is where it is supposed to be, she is measuring right on schedule. We're looking to possibly induce around 39 weeks- the week school starts. It would be wonderful to be able to do this to "know" our schedule. I've been very blessed to be able to keep active this pregnancy and try and continue to exercise. We will just see if this makes a difference! I can feel her move a lot- especially on my two sides. We'll find out July 24 about where she is positional and if i've started to dilate.   I've had a few migraines this month. But trying not to stress has helped them be short lived. I have heart burn- same with the boys- I get out of breath and have a small belly for eating- which i never had with the boys. She must be higher? Smaller more frequent meals have helped!

27 weeks
Hiking at devils den. It was hot but really fun to be active with my boys!

29 weeks
We went to disney! It was a lot of fun. We jam packed our week. We were very busy! only once did I feel faint and too hot. Eating Ice helped a lot. very thankful for tennis shoes and sports clothes. And for Tyler. He was amazing. I truly believe I would not have been able to do this trip without him. He's amazing! (disney post to come!)

 31 weeks
I've started to swell by the end of the day. This day^ I wore those shoes to church and they fit fine before-  by the end of the couple hours there, my feet were very swollen and i could barely stuff them back in. Water with Lemon is my GO TO. Probably safe to say the thing I've been craving the most.

I feel overwhelmed with all I want to accomplish before baby girl gets here. But Also incredibly blessed by how this pregnancy has gone. The Nesting feeling is no joke- feels very strongly about certain things. I'm excited for her to hurry up and get here, but also praying that we'll use the time well between now and then. We're only a fam of 4 for a few more weeks!