Monday, February 27, 2012

Romans 2nd Birthday

Roman had his 2nd bday the Saturday of his birthday weekend. We had a few friends from church over to have an ELMO birthday.

It was so much fun to see Roman just ecstatic to have a house full of people his size :)

We started the party with a little game outside (the weather was amazing!)

We came in for present time and then rushed right to cake and cupcakes.

It was a fun party and flowed well. The party favors were little Goldfish like Elmo's pet Dorothy.

After the party was over a few families stayed for a bit to just hang outside while the kidos played.

One of my highlights of the party was watching Roman while we all sang "Happy Birthday" to him. I don't think his smile could have gotten any bigger :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

State wrestling 2012

This past weekend we went up to Omaha NE for state wrestling. Isaac was wrestling his last state matches. We were excited to get there and to see everyone.

Isaac wrestled his first two matches on Thursday night. He wrestled so well! It was fun to watch him because he is just so dang good!

Ike with Dad and Coach Chris

Rome traveled like a champ- and did really well that first night. He was super happy and super fun!

his "silly face"

Roman went through almost 2 gallons of milk this trip (thursday-sunday):)
silly face
Thursday night, Rome didn't sleep. We finally put him in the bathroom to cry it out about 4. Shelby and Sloane were in our room and she didnt fall asleep till 4 as well. There was one point that night that shelby and I just started laughing because we couldn't believe how crazy our kids were.

Friday morning, we took Shelby back to Lincoln because she had some work to do. We were so tired. Ty bought us some great coffee. We decided to take rome to a prompt care because we thought his ears might be bothering him. Sure enough, he had another ear infection. I don't know what we would have done if we wouldn't have had shel's place to go to. We were able to rock in her chair and Roman slept most of the morning. We

We got back for Isaac's match Friday evening. It was a close match, but he won 3-0. Rome finally started feeling better and we went back to the hotel to rest.
Ty and Rome cheering
Ty and Rome cheering
Slaoney learned SO BIG! She was showing her daddy who had gotten to the meet just in time to watch Ike.

Coach Chris's son Ace who is about a year older then Rome was a great friend to Rome this weekend Mom got them singlets- they were cute little wrestlers :)

Me and Jay relaxing :)

Saturday Morning we went to the water park at the hotel after Shel and I worked out.

TIRED mommas :)
The guys and the kids

Ike came down to play :)

Watching the walk of the champions
Uncle Drew, Aunt Bethie, Tabi, Eathan, and Chaz came from New Orleans to watch Ike! it was so sweet to have them there!
Sloaney fell asleep--isn't she adorable??!?

Walk of the champions

Isaac wrestled Coufal from Howels. Coufal was undefeated his entire career. After the most amazing match Ive ever seen, Coufal pulled out for the win by just a point. So close! Ike wrestled so good! Coufal even told the press that that was the toughest match he's ever wrestled! Ike had him on his back, here's the proof:

Ike and Coufal talking before the podium

It was a crazy weekend. It was so fun to be there to watch Ike as he finished his high school career with such great wrestling!