Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We're having a baby!!! TODAY!

Yesterday morning, I had my 39 week and 4 day appointment with Dr. Crownover.  After a check to see that i'm fully effaced and 2 cm dilated he told me that if I wanted to have Roman, he'd make the call. After realizing he was serious I told him I'd talk to Ty and let him know.  

We did an ultrasound and found out that Roman's 6lb 2 oz. Dr. Crownover also told me that there is really no difference in development between now and next Wednesday.  He also said that he's not on call this weekend! With all those factors, we decided that we'd induce. 

Today (Thursday) at noon Tyler and I will go to the hospital to start the process of having our boy Roman. WOW!!! I can't get over the fact that we know the details.  I can't get over the fact that in a few hours (hopefully) we'll be holding our boy.  This is so crazy. It's surreal. 

My NE fam is going to be able to leave today around noon to hopefully get here in time to see Roman and to hang out for the weekend! 

I've repacked my bag a couple of times just feel like i'm forgetting everything :)  We'll try to update while at the hosp- if not on here for sure on facebook!

If God puts us on your mind say a prayer for us because there is definate anxiety on my part.  I'm trying to focus on the the excitement but the unknown's are driving me crazy.  

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good Job Isaac!!

State wrestling wrapped up yesterday.  Ike did so good! Thankfully some of the NE radio stations broadcasted Ike's matches online so Ty and I were able to hear the most of them! (Thank you Mcoys!!!!)It was so great! Nebraska Public Television also did the awards online so we were able to see Ike get his 5th place metal!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!! 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wrestling... A.K.A. Pitocin

Last weekend was district wrestling.  With the stress and anxiety it gave me, even 9 hours away, I was sure It was gonna trigger something with Roman! I joked with my wrestling family back home that districts was more powerful then pitocin! My contractions that day were 4-5 an hour and about 45 sec long.  They'd get bad when I found out that my brother was on deck and then would diminish quickly as soon as I got the news of how the match went.  Ike went on to get third, qualifying him for state.

Today State started back home and every phone call I got with the news triggered another contraction. HA! Ike wrestles again tomorrow and sure enough the thought makes by belly tighten!  I guess that's a true wrestling fan for ya!

I was so excited because I found a website that broadcasts live the state tournament up in NE. The only draw back is that it doesn't work on a Mac computer :( sad!  I ended up speeding up to JBU 10 minutes before Ike's match to listen to it- i'll be heading up there tomorrow too to listen in!   Something funny happened today as I was listening up at JBU, I found the radio announcers forum and so I wrote them a quick note to talk about the Nebraska Christian team and results for me since I was clear in Arkansas. As I was listening they talked about me, "MeagyDees" and told me about my brother's match and about the other results on air so I could follow along. They also told me that I win the award for being the furthest fan tuning in :)  yea for loyalty huh! (hopefully I won't embarrass me dad and bro! ha!)

We're eager to hear tomorrows matches! But no matter what I'm so super proud of my brother!! He's had such a tough yet great year!

38 weeks

Last Sunday, Feb 14 was 38 weeks!

With our due date moved up it seems like the time is crawling yet flying.

Wednesday, I had a Dr. appointment and found out that I was officially 1 cm dilated and 80% 
effaced.  Slowly but surely we're making progress!

My belly feels like it's still growing : )

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Maternity pictures...

So maybe it's the hormones. But I just let the tears go when I saw the picture that captured my joy. 

 Today I went and picked up the disc of pictures from Cherissa. I uploaded them to my computer right away and was so excited to see them.  I loved every one of them! Then I saw one that just displayed everything I was feeling.  

Being preganant is different then every feeling in the world.  Every movement from the little guy inside brings a smile to my face. I love his wiggling and twisting. I love imagining how he's trying to get comfortable in such a small space. But more then that, I love the feeling of knowing how much of a miracle this is that I get to be a part of. 

Rissa's pic shows that.  I am so unworthy of getting to be part of God's story involving my Roman.  I had to stop and praise Him for allowing this to happen in my life.  I find myself so often focusing on the negative and on the yuck and "poor me" things in my life. Even today being 38 1/2 weeks pregnant, longing to get the labor process going, I saw that pic and realized this is a day and time to cherish. Never again will I be able to feel the little guy move inside me.  Never again will he be so close to me.  

I just love being pregnant. I love being a part of God's story like this.

I'll put up more pics on the next post!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

37 weeks

Today is 37 weeks! 
I am so ready for Roman to be here! i'm excited everytime I feel him move and he's moving like crazy! It's good to know he's growing good.  This week (wednesday) I have my Dr.'s appointment and also a few goals to get done so as to be more prepared for Roman.   I'm trying to enjoy and cherish the moments that I get to feel Roman wiggling in my tummy.

36 weeks

Ah, how i've lost track of time! I logged on to write my 37 week entry and realized I missed a week...  so i'll recap quick and then move on to todays!

Last Sunday (36 week) Tyler and I went to Cherissa's for baby belly pics-  we did quite a few poses and some fun creative things.  I've only seen a few but they are AMAZING! we are SOOOOO blessed to have a willing photographer to capture our priceless moments! here's a sample!!
Monday I finished the nursery curtains and got all the baby clothes organized- well mostly... there are a few strays :)

Tuesday was Tyler's works baby shower.  Some sweet sweet ladies he works with decided to throw us one.  They were so generous! we got some fun gifts and had the best little cakes ever (pics to come!)  I also used the trip to Bentonville to get a few things for my hospital bag that only target can provide : ) We also had our last childbirth class which was great.  We got to tour the hospital- and see a BRAND new baby.  It made us so excited for Roman!!

Wednesday I had my Dr. appointment.  I found out that I am 1/2 cm dilated; and 60% effaced.  WOOO HOOOO..  I lost 5 lb : ( so Dr Crownover wanted to do another ultrasound to check and just make sure we were all doing ok-  Roman's great! weighing around 5 1/2lbs.  i'm so glad he's growing even if my weight's being weird.

Thursday I had my loving choices appointment and also Cherissa's shower.  It was adorable! I defiantly have not a big fan of showers in my life but this one was very comfortable and was a lot of fun! Again i'm amazed by everyone's generosity!  Everyone has been so sweet to be so giving! 

This weekend we just sorta hung around home- doing odds and end things that needed to be done. Tonight is the super bowl! yea!!
So that sums up our 36th week! More to come as we begin our 37th!