Tuesday, July 27, 2010

5 months!

Roman is 5 months old!

I was reminiscing about how last year I was at the beginning stages of being pregnant. I was dreaming about life with a baby :) I was thinking about how sweet and cuddly he'd be. Sure he'd cry, but that wouldn't be that bad. Sure i'd lose sleep but that would be temporary. I imagined such sweet times :) Now that reality is here and I've had 5 months to get used to this baby I can say it has surpassed all my expectations. Yes, there has been hard times- 3 that have been to the point where tears couldn't express my exhaustion and my frustration in myself as to why I couldn't get this little human being to be content. But minus those 3 moments its been phenomenal.

Roman is now...
1. rolling over while trying to reach his toys!
2. rolling over while sleeping! (he sleeps with us and I wake up to find him on his belly!)
3. LAUGHING! I can tickle him and he laughs! I LOVE it!
4. getting excited when I come into the room- he sees me and just starts kicking!
5. humming/talking while he nurses. Ty and I just laugh. It's as if he's been starving and finally gets his meal and so he just can't stop saying yummmmmmmm!!
6. he tries to sit up constantly. He just wants to see the world.
7. Finally getting used to the car seat.
8. content to go on a long walk. It used to end up me carrying him an pushing an empty stroller
9. pulls up his feet to his face.
10. getting more into a predictable schedule for his naps.
11. reaching for everything. Ty and I were in a store and he was holding Rome, anytime Ty would get close to something Romans hand reached for it so quickly! It was funny to watch!
12. When i'm holding him, I can say, "give mommy kisses" and I get this HUGE open mouth kiss full of slobber (I LOVE 'EM!)
13. He started "fake coughing" whenever he coughs I say, "oh goodness" So when he real coughs and I say that he smiles and then fake coughs to get my reaction- A-DOR-A-
14. His fingers are constantly in his mouth!

I decided to take a break from cereal- Rome started sleeping at night horrible (waking up 10+ times a night) about the same time we started doing cereal. So, i thought maybe it was tummy aches. The night of the day we stopped he woke up 1 time and last night he woke up only because I had gotten up. He would have slept straight through- even without eating had I not gotten up. WOW. It won't hurt to try cereal again in a few weeks :)

Here's some pics!
He'll drink water out of a bottle :)
cool dude ;)

we grew a small batch of NE corn in out back yard! here's how it's looking (a little small!)

trying to sit up!

Here's a short video of Rome doing his little laughs:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

our date

While my family was visiting I asked my mom if she and dad would be willing to babysit Roman so Tyler and I could go out on a date JUST me and him. She was MORE then willing!!

So Sunday night Ty and I decided to got to Emilia's here in Siloam. We arrived at the restaurant only to find out that they close at 2 on Sunday's. UGH! We thought about the other restaurants that Siloam has to offer and for a nice restaurant there isn't much :( We thought about going to Fayetteville but wanted to be close JUST in case Roman had a melt down. We decided that the Flint Creek Steak house would be our choice :) (at the casino)

When we got there we went to the steak house and on our way, we got stopped my one of Tyler's friends that just so happened to be working there. After catching up a bit he asked us what we were up to, we told him we were on our first date alone as parents and he told us to hang on and he'd be right back. When he came back he had a white piece of paper in his hand, he explained that he wanted to comp our whole meal for us but all he could do was $60.00 (Now, when Tyler and I go out, I just add a side salad to Ty's meal and we typically get water so our bill is usually around 15-20 with tip, so 60 is like 3 meals for us!! ha! so when he said just $60.00, in our minds we just laughed!!)

We were SO grateful! WOW!

It was such a fun evening and Roman did well! He started to cry after about 2 hours so our Walmart trip after dinner was cut a little short (yes, we went to walmart, it was FUN going through the aisles with only having to hold Ty's hand and not a baby too for a change!!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Yesterday, Roman had his 4 month check. He did great while he got his 3 shots, but afterwards he was not a happy camper!

He weighed 15.96 lbs (Weight = between percentile 50 and 75 )
His length was 26.25 (Length = between percentile 75 and 90)
His head was 16.25 (Head Circumference = between percentile 10 and 25)

We also got the go ahead from our Dr. to try cereal!! I was so happy because I had a feeling that he was gettin close to being ready for it. I had read that around 6 months is the normal time, but Roman eats ALL the time, and since i'm still 100% breastfeeding it seems like that was all we did. So last night after his 5 hour nap, we tried it. AND he LOVVVVVVED it!!

Meag's family visit

This weekend we had a great time with family. My dad, mom, brothers Isaac and Jaydon, My Louisiana family, Aunt Bethie, and Cousins Tabi, Eathan, and Chaz all met at my house to have a fun little weekend. We got together on Friday, went swimming on Saturday after a fun grilled dinner that Ty's parents got to come to too. and relaxed on Sunday. It was so much fun to see them play and hang with Roman. My sis and her hubby Mike was DEFINATELY missed! I kept looking around for her only to then remember they were back at their home! MISS YOU SHELBY GIRL!!
air plane ride with papa :)
aunt bethie got Roman some baby bananas and he loved playing with them :)
My 16 year old brother Isaac has the hard task of starting college classes this summer. So I get the FUN task of helping him with his papers (even though he barely needs my help!)
My Cousin Tabi held Roman while he slept- she's a natural!
Roman loved playing with Gma Kelly (my mom)!!!

My Brother Jaydon has gotten the hang of being an uncle REALLY fast! Roman loved his uncles and aunts!

We went swimming for a little over 3 hours- he fell asleep after hour 1!

Jay and my cousins Eathan and Chaz
Aunt Bethie and Tabi

Monday, July 5, 2010

1st swim!!!!!

Today Ty took Roman and I swimming!! It was so much fun. Roman loved it!!!