Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Meag's family visit

This weekend we had a great time with family. My dad, mom, brothers Isaac and Jaydon, My Louisiana family, Aunt Bethie, and Cousins Tabi, Eathan, and Chaz all met at my house to have a fun little weekend. We got together on Friday, went swimming on Saturday after a fun grilled dinner that Ty's parents got to come to too. and relaxed on Sunday. It was so much fun to see them play and hang with Roman. My sis and her hubby Mike was DEFINATELY missed! I kept looking around for her only to then remember they were back at their home! MISS YOU SHELBY GIRL!!
air plane ride with papa :)
aunt bethie got Roman some baby bananas and he loved playing with them :)
My 16 year old brother Isaac has the hard task of starting college classes this summer. So I get the FUN task of helping him with his papers (even though he barely needs my help!)
My Cousin Tabi held Roman while he slept- she's a natural!
Roman loved playing with Gma Kelly (my mom)!!!

My Brother Jaydon has gotten the hang of being an uncle REALLY fast! Roman loved his uncles and aunts!

We went swimming for a little over 3 hours- he fell asleep after hour 1!

Jay and my cousins Eathan and Chaz
Aunt Bethie and Tabi

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