Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Yesterday, Roman had his 4 month check. He did great while he got his 3 shots, but afterwards he was not a happy camper!

He weighed 15.96 lbs (Weight = between percentile 50 and 75 )
His length was 26.25 (Length = between percentile 75 and 90)
His head was 16.25 (Head Circumference = between percentile 10 and 25)

We also got the go ahead from our Dr. to try cereal!! I was so happy because I had a feeling that he was gettin close to being ready for it. I had read that around 6 months is the normal time, but Roman eats ALL the time, and since i'm still 100% breastfeeding it seems like that was all we did. So last night after his 5 hour nap, we tried it. AND he LOVVVVVVED it!!

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