Saturday, April 16, 2011

Razorback baseball/Date with Rob and kelly

On Saturday night we went out with our friends Rob and Kelly. We went to Catfish Hole and then to the Razorback baseball game. Roman LOVED running to the stadium and then running around the people.
Running to the game!
so excited!
the guys

Rome with the RBI girls :)
Rome and Kelly

Rob and Kelly

Rome calling the hogs:

Date with my hubby!

On Friday night, Tyler and I got to go on a date, JUST the two of us. Tyler did a great job planning all of it. We went restaurant "hopping." We went to Market place for appetizer and entree and then Bordinos for dessert. Ty even had a list of dinner topics to talk about (he knows me too well to know that a list makes me happy :) we even got to go to target for a few minutes! It was a wonderful night.

Ty's white chocolate Creme Brulee
Lemon Soufflé Cheesecake with Blueberry Sauce

AND Rome did well at Aunt Rissa's. She sent us a pic of him in their little car. He had a blast and as soon as we got home he fell asleep and slept all night long!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sleep Training: Night three

7:00 pm
went outside and walked till 7:50

8:00 pm
bath, book, bounce, and prayer (i need a "B" word for this one)

8:25 pm
lay him down. this time was different. He cried as soon as i layed him down (same) BUT usually he hugs me over the rail and falls asleep in my arms. This time he let go of me and layed on his pillow/mattress.

I left him crying and seriously- 30 sec ( i didn't even get the timer set) he was sitting falling asleep.

he did that for 3:00 min and then laid down and he was out. WOW!

10:30 pm
Ty got home from class and Rome's still sleeping.

6:10 am
I woke up to Rome kinda crying but put himself back to sleep

7:45 am
I went and got Rome- he was playing in his crib.

well i've been amazed. He caught on SO much faster then I thought- thank you all for your encouragement it's been so uplifting! I had thought i'd do this "journal" for the first two weeks because I had anticipated it being a struggle- BUT i never dreamed it would go the way its going! yeah!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sleep training: Night two

well i'm shocked. something must be wrong.

8:00 pm

I started our routine promptly at 8:00pm. we were done and reading our book (brown bear brown bear what do you see) and then i bounced him for 10 min. at the end of the 10 min. I prayed with Rome- asked for peace and good dreams for this sweet boy. He was asleep and i layed him in his bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow he was awake and screaming. I told him i loved him and that we're doing this so that he can become a confident and independent boy! he kept crying :) I left the room to go work on Ty and my dinner. I started the timer for the first 5 min. I was shocked to see that he calmed down and sat down in his crib completely quiet. I watched him on our moniter and saw that he was starting to fall asleep... He layed down and was out 15 min after I layed him down!

9:30 pm
he woke up- i was on may way to see him and he layed back down and fell asleep by himself! WOW!

Rome's been waking up and he whimpers and then lays down and puts himself back to sleep!

7:30 am
Rome slept in his bed the entire night. he woke up probably 6-7 time, but he cried himself to sleep.

i'm encouraged :)

sleep training: Night one

what's this about?

I think this is the hardest thing i've ever done. It's midnight and Roman's been crying himself to sleep tonight. We started at 8 pm. He fell asleep around 10 and slept till 11. He's been crying for the last hour. I go in and check on him every 15 min. He keeps falling asleep standing up and then waking himself up when he moves. He's so tired. I'm so tired. I just wanna bring him into my bed and then we can all sleep. This is so tough! Will he ever lay down? My momma heart is breaking. Yuck...

Good news: he fell asleep. bad news: he's sitting. i'm gonna sneak in there and try and lay him down...
GOOD! he's sleeping on his blanket. I got praise music going (it's been going all night)

Woke up panicked. I went in to hug him but not pick him up. I told him he's doing so good to sleep in his big boy bed!
3:30 he's looking around and crying more in his crib...
3:40 he's standing at the end of the crib- he'll lean his head on the rail and fall asleep only to wake himself up again after a min of sleep...
4:00 he's asleep. he finally laid down and is out.

it's 8:00! Rome woke up 1/2 hour ago. i was SO happy to go scoop him up out of his crib this morning!

WE did it! the first day's done! Looks like we'll get a good nap this afternoon :)

pray for us tonight as we do Night two!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sleep training: Intro

Well, its time. I don't like it. I LOVE sleeping with my baby. But I know that he needs to learn to sleep on his own. I know that this is gonna be hard but necessary. He's a big boy! and he needs his big bed!
My idea is to do a nightly journal of sorts. I'll write throughout the wake ups and keep track of how he (and me!) does. Sorry if it's boring. I want to do this for me more then anything- to show that this hardness is worth it!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I DID it!

After thinking and thinking and thinking about it I finally became a Scentsy dealer!
I'm so excited!

A few months ago, I went to my friend Ashton's house for our Bible Study. When we walked in, I smelt the best smell. There was a this warmer in the living room and then a cute little plug in warmer in the bathroom. They smelt so good! Ash, told me all about Scentsy and even let me borrow a warmer for use in my house. I've been amazed at how long the scents have lasted. They are so yummy. I saw that Walmart started carrying a better homes and garden version of Scentsy- I even got one to try BUT the smell was gone in less then a week! Scentsy's has lasted for months!

I wanted to announce on my blog too just in case you guys are wanted unique and classy gift ideas :) they have so much to choose from!

Go ahead and look :) and Let me know if you have more questions!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fun With Max and Maggie

Rome and I got to go play with Max and Maggie for a bit a couple weeks ago.

He had a blast having kids he could wrestle with! He'd climb all over them whenever he could!
Towards the end of our visit, it warmed up a bit outside and we went out to play. Rome ran straight for their little car. He loved having max and maggie push him in it. He'd just sit calmly and enjoy the ride :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

hey roman, where's your belly button?

Rome is fascintaed with belly buttons. he's quick to find ty's, his, and mine :) it's pretty cute to watch his face light up once he finds it!

bye-bye is now two hands :)