Tuesday, April 12, 2011

sleep training: Night one

what's this about?

I think this is the hardest thing i've ever done. It's midnight and Roman's been crying himself to sleep tonight. We started at 8 pm. He fell asleep around 10 and slept till 11. He's been crying for the last hour. I go in and check on him every 15 min. He keeps falling asleep standing up and then waking himself up when he moves. He's so tired. I'm so tired. I just wanna bring him into my bed and then we can all sleep. This is so tough! Will he ever lay down? My momma heart is breaking. Yuck...

Good news: he fell asleep. bad news: he's sitting. i'm gonna sneak in there and try and lay him down...
GOOD! he's sleeping on his blanket. I got praise music going (it's been going all night)

Woke up panicked. I went in to hug him but not pick him up. I told him he's doing so good to sleep in his big boy bed!
3:30 he's looking around and crying more in his crib...
3:40 he's standing at the end of the crib- he'll lean his head on the rail and fall asleep only to wake himself up again after a min of sleep...
4:00 he's asleep. he finally laid down and is out.

it's 8:00! Rome woke up 1/2 hour ago. i was SO happy to go scoop him up out of his crib this morning!

WE did it! the first day's done! Looks like we'll get a good nap this afternoon :)

pray for us tonight as we do Night two!!


  1. I hope it gets easier for you all each night! I'm happy I already started Brayson because, it was already difficult at 4 months for me to seperate from him!

  2. The first night is the hardest and it will only get easier each night. Keeping this journal of what he does is a really good idea! Praying for you all tonight, that it'll go a little better and each night thereafter.

  3. yes - night 2 shouldn't be NEARLY like that! for us, night one was straight screaming from 3-7am (I finally got him up at 7am), and then on night 2, he only cried for 45 min! Then on night 3, he slept through the night (this was lincoln) and has ever since (since he was 4 months old)...it's SOOOO worth it!!!!!!

  4. WAY TO GO!!! You made it through night one with flying colors! It will get better and better. It's so worth doing the hard stuff now- Mark a date on your calendar when you and Ty will do your first overnight getaway as your reward for this hard work! Aunt Rissa is ready and waiting for a slumber party with Roman!

  5. Congratulations on getting throught night 1! Hopefully it will be the hardest and it will get better quickly.
    Love you,
    Aunt Suzie

  6. I am SO proud of you!!! I KNOW how hard it is. It absolutely broke my heart to go through that with Parker and I know I shed tears as well. However-you will LOVE it when he goes to sleep all on his own!