Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sleep training: Night two

well i'm shocked. something must be wrong.

8:00 pm

I started our routine promptly at 8:00pm. we were done and reading our book (brown bear brown bear what do you see) and then i bounced him for 10 min. at the end of the 10 min. I prayed with Rome- asked for peace and good dreams for this sweet boy. He was asleep and i layed him in his bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow he was awake and screaming. I told him i loved him and that we're doing this so that he can become a confident and independent boy! he kept crying :) I left the room to go work on Ty and my dinner. I started the timer for the first 5 min. I was shocked to see that he calmed down and sat down in his crib completely quiet. I watched him on our moniter and saw that he was starting to fall asleep... He layed down and was out 15 min after I layed him down!

9:30 pm
he woke up- i was on may way to see him and he layed back down and fell asleep by himself! WOW!

Rome's been waking up and he whimpers and then lays down and puts himself back to sleep!

7:30 am
Rome slept in his bed the entire night. he woke up probably 6-7 time, but he cried himself to sleep.

i'm encouraged :)


  1. Way to go Meagan! :) It will get better and better each night.

  2. yay for improvement! He will get it and each night will get better! :)

  3. AWESOME! Way to go Roman!!! I promised you it would get better each night! That is a HUGE step!