Sunday, June 24, 2012

17 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 17 weeks
Size of baby:  5 inches long
Total Weight Gain: I've decided to not keep track of this one anymore-  I'm finding myself focusing too much about the number on the scale-  :) My Dr's great- so far even though my numbers sure are growing, he says were still good.
Maternity Clothes: Sure am!  My T-shirts are all getting snug as well.
Cravings: popcorn
Gender: It's a BOY! we found out at my last appointment- 
Movement: a few bubbles
How's momma: I've had a Migraine since Tuesday that my meds just aren't touching.  UGH.  (That's why there is no 16 week post)- it's really frustrating.  I'll feel as if i'm over it- and then it comes back.  It's a pain because my day is completely up in the air- i don't know if i'm going to wake up with one or if i'll wake up normal. any advice?
Best Moment this week: Getting to go up to NE for the College World Series- its been a whirlwind of baseball!
What I miss: --
What I am looking forward to:  Mike, Shelby, and Sloane are coming to AR this next weekend for a fast weekend.  We're excited to have them!

Roman: He's been hugging and kissing my belly and saying "love you baby"  Makes my mommy heart sing :)

Monday, June 11, 2012


Roman is talking more and more.  It's always a joy to hear him say full sentences.  Lately, Roman's new phrase is "momma momma momma, hands... pocks."  And he shows me that his hands are in his pockets. I just love it.  He's so proud of his "pocks."

15 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 15 weeks
Size of baby:  4 inches long; about the size of an apple
Total Weight Gain: +6 lbs from pre pregnancy 
Maternity Clothes: yup- plus a few other new ones
Cravings: blueberries- where have they been all my life?!?!
Movement: Nothing really
How's momma: Doing good!!
Best Moment this week: Having strangers in Walmart and my workout place notice and comment about my belly.
What I miss: --
What I am looking forward to:  The Migraines easing up!
Roman: Doing good- Learning that mommy's tummy is off limits. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

14 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 14 weeks
Size of baby:  3.5 inches long
Total Weight Gain: +6 lbs from pre pregnancy (according to dr scale- im' sure it's up more after our trip!!)
Maternity Clothes: So thankful for them! everything is tight- i've put away my regular clothes.
Cravings: popcorn. natural simply salted.  
Gender: We'll know soon!
Movement: I thought I felt the baby on the trip- Especially when my bladder was full!
How's momma: Doing good- tired, but we just got back from a crazy trip! I'm feeling big- I think that's too because we were on the trip and everything was out of sync with normal.
Best Moment this week: Getting to see Kerwin get married and getting to hang with our family.  I just feel so blessed to have such amazing in laws.  They are so great!
What I miss: Staying the same size- My wisdom to second time mommy's- throw out your idea of weight gain from your first pregnancy and start NEW with this second one.  This pregnancy is completely different then the first one- I talked to a friend recently and she said that exact thing was true for her and her kiddos- SUCH encouragement for me!
What I am looking forward to: getting into our summer routine. 
Roman: He did SO well on our lexington trip.  I love the pics we got of him, just with our phones! He is growing so fast- he knows all the colors, can count to 3 and almost 5- learning though's ABC's and talks about everything. He loves anything sports- he loves watching bball on tv and says "shoot" when they shoot and then "make" or "miss" after.  It's pretty cute. He still hasn't grasped much with baby-

The Rest of the Trip

Each morning we were in Kentucky- Roman and ty slept till 9.  I wasn't able to sleep that late and woke up promptly at 7:30.  I was able to go workout in the hotels workout room and then go get a coffee at the coffee shop. I'd get back at 9 to find them still sleeping. I felt so spoiled getting to have the morning to myself!

Saturday morning, after everyone was up, we all went swimming. It was fun for rome to have extra time with the cousins.
 We left lexington about 2 to get home.  We stopped in St. Louis with the Roebucks to see the Arch and to grab dinner.  Tyler, Russ, Rome and I ended up home around 3:30.  EXHAUSTED.  It was such a great trip! So glad that we got to do it with family!
 The kiddos in front of the arch. Maggie, Max, Rome, Xander

 The Arch

 These two are my faves- it's looking up at the arch.
Max is hilarious!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kerwin and Lois Wedding

Last  Wednesday we went to Lexington Kentucky for Kerwin and Lois Wedding.  It was a huge trip but we are finally home. 

 We arrived in Lexington Thursday afternoon along with the rest of the Dees clan. We all went out for dinner on Thursday night and then over to Lois's house to meet her kids and their families. 

Kerwin and Roman on the way to the restaurant 

Kerwin and Lois gave little gifts to the kiddos.

On Friday Morning, we went on a driving tour around Lexington.  We ended at the Wedding location for a quick rehearsal.  After, we went to 5 guys for a delicious lunch. We went back to nap at the hotel and to get ready for the wedding that night.

Friday night, we arrived at the wedding location a few hours early for pics.  Here is the location pics- Bodley Bullock House:

We had to keep Roman busy so that he wouldn't disturb the old and antique things in the house. We played outside- and even though it was pretty chilly, it didn't seem to disturb Rome!

Maggie and Hadleigh were flower girls.

Lois and her so Clay

It was a lovely ceremony and a beautiful reception.  It was so fun to be there for this momentous occasion.

(A few details I don't want to forget- All of the flowers were grown in Kentucky- I wish I would have taken a pic because they were gorgeous.  The little roses were my fave.  They looked fake they were so perfect.
For the meal, the salad dressing was divine.  It was a bourbon vinegarette and I simply loved it. )