Sunday, June 24, 2012

17 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 17 weeks
Size of baby:  5 inches long
Total Weight Gain: I've decided to not keep track of this one anymore-  I'm finding myself focusing too much about the number on the scale-  :) My Dr's great- so far even though my numbers sure are growing, he says were still good.
Maternity Clothes: Sure am!  My T-shirts are all getting snug as well.
Cravings: popcorn
Gender: It's a BOY! we found out at my last appointment- 
Movement: a few bubbles
How's momma: I've had a Migraine since Tuesday that my meds just aren't touching.  UGH.  (That's why there is no 16 week post)- it's really frustrating.  I'll feel as if i'm over it- and then it comes back.  It's a pain because my day is completely up in the air- i don't know if i'm going to wake up with one or if i'll wake up normal. any advice?
Best Moment this week: Getting to go up to NE for the College World Series- its been a whirlwind of baseball!
What I miss: --
What I am looking forward to:  Mike, Shelby, and Sloane are coming to AR this next weekend for a fast weekend.  We're excited to have them!

Roman: He's been hugging and kissing my belly and saying "love you baby"  Makes my mommy heart sing :)

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  1. congrats on another boy! as much as I would've enjoyed having a girl, I was OVERJOYED to be able to give Lincoln a brother to grow up with! Roman will be such a great big brother to this little guy! I never dealt with migraines but I had headaches quite often and nothing seemed to help. They eventually went away at 19 weeks. I'll be praying yours just go away like that too. and soon! It's hard being sick and being a mommy!