Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Basketball camp!

In the beginning of June, Rome was able to go to Basketball Camp with papa Kerwin. We drove over through the week and let roman be a part of papa's schools camp. It was a lot of fun! I was very proud of that boy and how he did it without knowing any of the other boys!

Then a quick week later, Roman and Gray did the JBU camp. Gray is too young, but is the same age and the coaches son- he was invited to do it too so that there would be 2 4 year olds :)

It was a lot of fun to get to be a part of it!

Branson family of 4!

With school just two weeks away, we wanted to do one last hurrah in Branson with just the 4 of us. 
Tyler made us reservations at a hotel close to the landing and we we went for it. Low key but very fun!
We went and saw the Moses show at the sights and sounds, went to Silver Dollar city, did a little shopping, did an escape mystery game,and tried the new attraction, Fritz's adventure. 


The boys were tall enough to do rides just them two! Then Tyler took them on the roller coasters one by one. They are so brave!

 Escape game! We were "spy's" and had to solve a mystery. We did with 2 min to spare! it was very fun!!

 Swimming at the hotel while daddy worked and mommy worked out :) very fun to have growing independent boys!

37 weeks!!
She's coming any day! we are so excited!!