Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015

March Highlights

1. School, ninja, mommy and me.
2. Ashton and Rebecca's shower.
3. D NOW
4. Tyler, Ike, and Jay Omaha to watch basketball
5. Tyler in PR
6. Bentonville half marathon

Tyler had a bit of travel during March- we were able to do some fun things just mommy and the boys.   We did some outside time, some play time, some indoor camping and movie nights. 

 The boys are on a milkshake kick- every night. 

 Shelby and her kids were able to come over and hang so that I could get my runs in while Tyler traveled.


Our mid marathon training half marathon aligned pretty closely with the bville half.  it was a rainy day for the race. Shelby and I had a great race- we were able to beat our time by about 15 min.  SO awesome!


Saturday, February 28, 2015

State wrestling 2015


There is just nothing like state wrestling, the buzz, the hype, the

Nebraska weather, the family. State wrestling is like holiday for my family.  There was a really neat article written about our craziness :) (see bottom of post)

Jaydon did great.  It was so much fun watching him.  It makes me laugh because he's so dang intimidating.  Many can't even look at him without getting scared.  I know the real Jayd and that makes it even better.  The weekend went by so fast.  He stayed in the zone and couldn't really talk to us.  As soon as it was over it was such a sweet time together. hanging, and watching wrestling.

 one of my favorite stories was during warming up for one of his last matches, ike and jay'd were going hard and strong in the practice room.  These guys are so tough! ike had hit jays chin but kept wrestling- i don't think even noticed that jayd was bleeding.  They stopped for a sec, and jay took his chin strap off- it was FULL of blood- it's funny to hear dad talk about the other wrestlers watching him walk to the trash with blood all down his chin. HA!

The coaches has mustaches.