Monday, March 23, 2015

Halloween 2014

For Halloween this year we had a fun idea to do something with Sloane and Oakes too.  We decided to make the kids hipsters.  It was fun to be a little silly and go overboard with the look.  The kids were awesome.  posing for pics, taking "selfies", drinking their pour jons coffee.

Super cute.

For the actual day- the boys were batman and robin.  We went up to Tylers work and then did a little trick or treating.

 we decided to do a pumpkin- and only fitting with the theme we did a batman pumpkin. :)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Roman's 5!

This boy turned 5! For the last year he's been begging to ride the go karts at fast lanes.  to do so, you have to be 5 or older. It was only fitting that he and his 5 year old + friends ride them together! The anticipation was so thick! We were ready for the party, but then a huge (Arkansas huge) snow storm rolled in.  We had to delay the party for one week. Roman was a champ.  He said, "ok" with no tears or sadness.  I was so impressed! He did get to go play with his best bud for the day and ride in a four wheeler pulled boat/sled through the snow. 

Mike and Shelby so graciously hosted the after party :) cupcakes and cake. Batman themed fun!! 


Kerwin and his wife Nancy couldn't make it to the party so they took Roman out to Chinese the night before the party.

Roman is special to me.  He is my first and he is now five.  He looks a like a mini Tyler and def has daddy's athleticism but he acts a lot like me.  He has a sweet heart.  He is kind and he is caring to others.  He is a rule follower and he cares a lot about being obedient.  His prayers to Jesus are some of the sweetest.  He prays and tells Jesus how much he loves him and how thankful he is for house, car, van, dad, mom, gray, and kauzie.  He typically says, "Jesus we love you so so so so so so so much." He teaches me about a child like faith. He is in preschool and loves it.  He watches a show, eats muffins and like strawberry milk in the morning  (about 7:00am) My prayer for him so to strong and courageous.  He recently told me that he wants to be a leader and not a follower.  He asked me how to be a leader- one of those moments i didn't know what to say. We've been looking at bible stories and verses about leadership.  I am blessed to be his mom!

Grayson's 2!

My baby turned two! We had such a fun birthday party for the boy.  He is all about airplanes. So an airplane birthday we did. Tyler and I had been in Indianapolis for a Duke game the day before his party so we had to hustle and put everything together.  We love all the amazing friends that we have in our lives and are so blessed to have them.  They all joined with us to celebrate Gray being 2!!

Over thanksgiving we were in NE and mom threw a little party for him.  He's 2!!

He is his own boy.  He like people but he likes to be on his own.  I'll find him in little nook and cranny places- between the couch and the wall, a small closet, and even walk in showers.  His favorite toy would be his choo choos and of course his little puppy that has been through almost all of his two years.  He's been slow to talk.  Lots of grunts and attempts.  we're not too worried- it'll come :) He's a little bruiser.  Doesn't have that desire to stay safe- pushes the boundaries.  His legs are full of bruises and cuts from his running and playing. He like paw patrol. He is stoic for the camera.  He sleeps in- till 9 if he can.  He still has a bottle- funny how attached he is to that thing.  He is such a sweetie and i just love him to pieces. I can't imagine not having him in my life.