Tuesday, May 17, 2011

daddy's whiffle ball game

During the first few years that Ty and i dated/engaged/married, we had a summer tradition of whiffle ball with friends. We didn't play last summer but this summer the boys got it going again- Sunday night was opening night. It was a different game because we're all at different stages of life then we were when we played before. It was still really fun and Roman LOVED watching daddy play!

big belly

Since seeing Shelby a couple weeks ago, I keep talking about Shelby's baby in her belly- Rome laughed so hard when i put a ball in his belly- we kept teasing him that he's just like Aunt Shelby :) haha!


the day after i got back from NE, Rome and I were playing outside. I had just talked to ty about how the clouds in NE are so different from AR clouds. I was surprised to see that this day, we had NE clouds :) I couldn't help but take some pics with my phone!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shelby's Maternity pics

Rome and I went to Kearney to see Mike and Shel. While we were there we got to take some maternity pics- here are some of my faves!

Uncle Ike, Jay, and Mike

While home, Roman just LOVED playing with his uncles- They'd play outside, inside, everywhere. It was fun to hear Roman's squeal in delight when they were chasing or wrestling him.

During our photo shoot with aunt Shelby, Uncle mike taught Rome how to throw rocks into the lake. He LOVED it :)

Planting Corn

While we were home in NE, dad was able to get some planting done close to the home place. We were able to ride with him- it was fun and Roman enjoyed it! Because of dad's guidance system, you cant touch the stirring wheel because it will take the tractor off of the auto pilot. Rome didn't like that- he liked getting to "drive."