Friday, November 28, 2014

Grayson's 2!

My baby turned two! We had such a fun birthday party for the boy.  He is all about airplanes. So an airplane birthday we did. Tyler and I had been in Indianapolis for a Duke game the day before his party so we had to hustle and put everything together.  We love all the amazing friends that we have in our lives and are so blessed to have them.  They all joined with us to celebrate Gray being 2!!

Over thanksgiving we were in NE and mom threw a little party for him.  He's 2!!

He is his own boy.  He like people but he likes to be on his own.  I'll find him in little nook and cranny places- between the couch and the wall, a small closet, and even walk in showers.  His favorite toy would be his choo choos and of course his little puppy that has been through almost all of his two years.  He's been slow to talk.  Lots of grunts and attempts.  we're not too worried- it'll come :) He's a little bruiser.  Doesn't have that desire to stay safe- pushes the boundaries.  His legs are full of bruises and cuts from his running and playing. He like paw patrol. He is stoic for the camera.  He sleeps in- till 9 if he can.  He still has a bottle- funny how attached he is to that thing.  He is such a sweetie and i just love him to pieces. I can't imagine not having him in my life.