Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fall 2013

This year for Halloween, The boys were key characters from one of Tyler's favorite movies.  Anchorman.  This December, the sequel comes out and so it was the perfect time for our boys to be Ron Burgandy and his dog, Baxter.

The costume was crazy to do.  I couldn't find a red suit that was less then 100$.  NO way I was going to spend that.  So I had the idea to go thrifting and then sew it down to size.  I found a women's size 18 that was PERFECT.  Looked exactly like what I had envisioned.  So I bought it and some pants and started cutting.  It turned out perfect! So excited to see it happen!

Rome didn't know what to think at first at being Ron Burgandy- but now, anytime he sees him on the advertisement, he says, "mommy, its me, Ron Burgandy!"

Gray got to be Baxter the dog- and I think he was the cutest little dog ever.  Such a sweetie! I love the pics of Rome and Gray together.  Sweet brothers! Gray had just started walking a few weeks prior to halloween so it was fun to see him teeter around :)

The Swansons came to the church festival with us. Sloane was the spitting image of Boo from monsters Inc.  I happen to think Sloane made a better Boo then Boo did :)

Halloween night, we went trunk or treating and gray and rome were spidermen. Fun to see my sweet boys!

 we carved a pumpkin together:)

We went to a pumpkin patch together while tyler was gone. it was a fun day with the swansons!