Friday, September 5, 2014

Swanson Fun

Catching up on some things we've done with the Swansons…
sweet cousins- they are more like bro and sis with as much as they are together.

Watching Jaydon Wrestle

Love having sloaney at our house while Mike and Shelby work- this day Tyler worked from home…Full bed :)
Mike and Ty did a basketball league together.  We didn't make it to to many games but it was fun to watch them play together :)

Went to a few high school bball games.

Playing at the park :)

We went to branson for the weekend.  Loved being able to make our own food.  SO yummy!

One of my many favorite things about Shelby is that she will go one long walks with the kids- this day we did lake Fayetteville and a picnic.

Moving IN! first look at Mike and Shelby's new house!!

Gentry Safari for Shelby's Birthday. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kansas City Trip 2014

We were able to do two trips to KC this summer.  Both of which involved one of my sweet friend from JBU Eva.

I have not seen her since college- life kept us busy and unconnected.  Recently we caught up via Facebook and decided to get together. I am so happy to have this relationship rekindled!

We met them first at a fun dinosaur themed restaurant.  

We stayed in a great room that the boys just loved.  They could climb up to the window and see so far!
 We also were able to see a yankee/royal game.  With Jeter's last year it was fun to get to see him and the teams play! it was hot and the kids were not sitting still. I was impressed that the stadium had so much for the kids to do!


Our second trip was to Eva's wedding.  She was so beautiful and i was so honored to be there! 

 They got married right by KU's campus.  Rome took our pic next to the bird.

It was fun to get to travel with the family for these two trips!