Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Heath concerns in the first month

I wanted to write a quick entry about the health concerns we had with Grayson over the first month so i'll remember all the details!

I want to preface this by saying he is PERFECTLY healthy and 100% fine! THANK the Lord!

Before going home from the hospital, we found out that he hadn't passed his hearing test.  We tried not to let it bother us but he was not responsive to us when we talked to him.  He didn't startle from loud noises.  We could only wake him when we touched him- not by voices so we grew more and more concerned as time went on.  We made an appointment for two weeks to get it retested.  It took a few tries, but the nurse was able to see that both of his ears passed! She also told us that this happens a lot with babies born at Siloam hospital.  GREAT to know!

The other situation that happened was when he was two weeks old I got a call from our Dr's office saying I needed to come into the office right away to get some blood drawn on Grayson.  We went in an hour after i got the call and went to the Lab. I asked what the test was for and all they could tell me was that there was an abnormal result in his PKU test done after he was born at the hospital. Not getting answers as to what they were testing was frustrating.  The Lab tech told me that she had never had to draw that much blood out of a baby (not very reassuring!)  They drew blood out of his heel for an hour.  He screamed and screamed the entire time. We got home around 4:30 that afternoon.  At 5:30 I got a call from the dr on call saying that I needed to take Gray to the ER because his potassium was critically high.  I was terrified.  Not only was I not getting answers from the Dr office about what tests they were running but now there's a huge scare.

We got to the ER and they ran the tests and we found out everything was fine. The ER doc told me that  he thought the reason that the potassium was high was because of how they drew the blood.  Apparently when they squeeze blood out of the heel like that it causes the potassium to burst and make it read at a higher level.
IN the ER finally asleep.

With these two things going on, I was encouraged by some moms that I appreciate to look into a pediatrician for my boys.  God again provided! I called the peds office and they told me they couldn't get us in until Feb.  I asked to be on a wait list and she called me a couple hours later with an opening for the next day! I was just amazed at how differently they treated us.  They were able to call our original Dr's office and got all our records and the info about our blood work by the end of our appointment.

This was such a long 5 weeks of waiting for results.  We tried to stay away from google for the scary things it talked about if Gray's results were truly abnormal.

A couple days ago, I called the ped office to see if there was any info and Gray's results were NORMAL! The Dr at chidrens that was looking into Gray said the "case was closed."

We were in awe of how it all worked out!

Friday, January 11, 2013

My Boys

Gray's Newborn pics: Thank you RISSA!!

A few days later, both boys were in fantastic moods, so I did an impromptu photo shoot- These pics melt my heart!

Rome had enough- grumpy boy with arms crossed :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Grayson Month One!

Baby number two is not like baby number one.  It is a whole different experience.  Maybe it's because I've "been there done that." We're still losing sleep.  Still scheduling life around a two hour feeding schedule. 

Gray is sleeping better then Roman ever did.  He actually naps on his own without having to be held.  Tyler can get Gray to go to sleep- such a blessing! 

Gray takes a bottle- I never really got into the groove with Rome with a bottle- This has allowed me to go and workout on the weekends! WOO!!

Gray is growing. Maybe its because he nurses 40 min every 2 hours.  I love watching how he's finally smiling on purpose, making eye contact, turning toward our voices.

Gray LOVES his brother. It melts my heart to see how Gray turns to see Roman whenever he enters the room.  It also brings joy to my heart to see Rome love on Gray- to the point where I have to remind Rome that he can't lay on Gray, pick Gray up, or to kiss Gray GENTLY!  

We had our first Christmas as a family of four.  It was special.  All but Ty was sick :( but being home made it better. 

Mike, Shelby, and Sloane came down before christmas to spend some time with us and to meet Gray.  Then around new years, Dad, Mom, and Jay came down.  We were able to see everyone but Isaac.  

We had a special Dees' Christmas as well.  Uncle Billy, Aunt Carol, Uncle Larry, Aunt Suzie, and Brandon were all able to join the whole Dees family us for the holiday.

 First husker game vs Wisconsin- I've been informed that that doesn't count... :)
 Family movie night
 First Bath

 Meeting Uncle Russ
 Meeting Papa Kerwin and Lois

 Christmas parade- 3 days old :)

 First outing JUST us three :) We survived!

 First Walk- 3 days old LOVE my stroller :)
 Sleepy Smiles

 "Baby, Here are my tractors" Showing the to him one by one...


Making cookies 

 Kiddo finger prints

 We made snow flakes during baby's nap

 Hanging in Rome's fort
 Opening Romes gift from Gray
 Romes gift for Gray
 He slept most of Christmas... Not feeling vert good :(