Monday, March 4, 2013

3 month old Grayson

Its amazing to believe he's 3 months old. I want to do a little recap of the last 3.

1st month (Nov 28-Dec 28).  We had so much going to during this time worrying bout his heath.  He did such a good job nursing- took to it right away! I was amazed at how much it hurt compared to Roman.  The let down was super painful.  Brought tears to my eyes every time! I pushed through because nursing so SO important to me! I was determined to make it work! It was a whole month before we got into a good routine where I didn't have pain.

He slept great during the day.  Good naps especially during Romans so we all go to sleep.  At night, he'd be a wake from 7-11.  Not necessarily crying just not sleeping.  I was able to get back to working out at the gym 1x per week on Saturdays when Ty was home (got him to take a bottle too! yea!)

When our DR said, "stay home till April!" he wasn't kidding! the flu has been terrible! we stuck close to home and when we did venture out i kept that blanket over him so people wouldn't touch him! It's so hard when they are so vulnerable!

2nd month (Dec 28-Jan 28). A lot like the first, he just grows :) Great eating- every 2.5/3 hours.  No real schedule just eat awake then sleep.   He liked baths and he was always smiling.  Made my day to see him see my and smile! His temperament is pretty chill.  He's super happy- loves people.

Still no schedule, just same eat, awake, and sleep. He still eats 2/5- 3 hours.  The bottle is amazing.  I try to pump before an event so I don't have to find a nursing room.

3rd Month (Jan 28-Feb 28)  How is he 3 months old? This last month We went to church when he was 11 weeks.   He did great! I brought him into service- and sure enough, he slurped his milk, burped, coughed, and pooped LOUDLY! ha! forgot how noisy they are in quiet times!

He had his first big round of shots and his dr app. He is in the 50th percentile and full of those healthy baby rolls!  He's in 0-3 months clothes but can wear some 3-6.  We had Disciple now at our house this month accompanied by 10 high school guys! He did great during the event and slept when he needed to.  CHILL baby!

we're trying to get more a routine.  He likes to bounce on the ball JUST like Roman did.  He eats the same as since the beginning- every 2.5 to 3 hours.  15 min on each side.  He smiles all the time.

He's still not a fan of the car but will fall asleep after crying for a few min.  He's on the end of size 1 diapers. he's content to lay on the floor as long as he's not tired or hungry.  He likes to be swaddled in his swaddle- arms down!

We had a round of RSV. Super scary time.  He woke us up one night to scary barely breathing coughing. I took him in the bathroom and go the steam going- it helped a lot.  We went out then and got a humidifier.  Helped so much.  He started running a super low fever- 99.5 (this was a tues) but Saturday it hadn't really improved so we took him to the Dr.  our Dr felt that it sounded a lot like whooping cough.  but she wanted to run the RSV test just in case.  Sure enough, it was positive! We started Gray on an inhaler and an antibiotic for his ear infection. He was better by a few days later- inhaler was amazing! Made me so thankful that he's a chubby bubby!

basketball weekend

A couple weekends ago we went to watch Bentonville play on Friday and then to watch JBU on Saturday.  Rome was fascinated by the tiger at Bentonville- all three of them! three mascots?? that was amazing- (thank you daniel Tiger for teaching Roman to Roar! that's all we heard everytime we saw one of those tigers!!)

Quick family pic at JBU

These pics just melted my heart- This pic was from Ty's freshman year at JBU when his team won the National Championship.  Ty showed Roman and said this is daddy! Roman didn't believe him at first because Ty's changed a bit :) So fun to see these!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

duke valentines day

This year for Valentines day, Mommy ordered DUKE stuff for the boys.  I gave them their gifts the night before for the big Duke/North Carolina game- we HAD to take pics!

Duke WON by the way- YEA!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

daddy time

Here are a couple pics of Tyler and the boys.

Daddy helped rome make a fire truck- rome wanted daddy and Gray to get in too- 

The boys at Ty's bball game.  It's super fun hearing Rome yell, "daddy, DEFENSE" and to watch him slap his head in frustration if daddy misses a shot- oops!

First 3 months

it always amazes me how fast time goes with these sweet babies.  I find myself looking at both of them with tearful eyes and praising Jesus that they are my boys (Tyler included! :)  God is so good. I am SO blessed.

Grays first Siloam game- sign of the future? GO panthers!

First Date night! Thank you UNCLE Dave!
Romes babysitter- He had such a great time with Dave! plus two more friends came to hang- we are so fortunate to have good friends!

Grayson just loves his brother and Roman loves Grayson

This is Roman at 2 months

 This is Grayson at 6 weeks- Brothers?!?!

Roman loved having Grayson visit his bed during na- night time

sleepy smiles

Rome fell asleep while eating cheetos.  made me laugh because he NEVER just falls asleep. We usually have a whole production to get to sleep.  I was impressed!

Rome Got a paper jam guitar and amp.  He LOVES it!

oatmeal cream pies- need i say more? :)