Friday, March 1, 2013

First 3 months

it always amazes me how fast time goes with these sweet babies.  I find myself looking at both of them with tearful eyes and praising Jesus that they are my boys (Tyler included! :)  God is so good. I am SO blessed.

Grays first Siloam game- sign of the future? GO panthers!

First Date night! Thank you UNCLE Dave!
Romes babysitter- He had such a great time with Dave! plus two more friends came to hang- we are so fortunate to have good friends!

Grayson just loves his brother and Roman loves Grayson

This is Roman at 2 months

 This is Grayson at 6 weeks- Brothers?!?!

Roman loved having Grayson visit his bed during na- night time

sleepy smiles

Rome fell asleep while eating cheetos.  made me laugh because he NEVER just falls asleep. We usually have a whole production to get to sleep.  I was impressed!

Rome Got a paper jam guitar and amp.  He LOVES it!

oatmeal cream pies- need i say more? :)

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