Thursday, July 5, 2012

Swansons in Siloam

Last week I was given the amazing gift of having my sister and her daughter come spend a few days with us.  Dad brought Shelby and Sloane down so that she could spend some of her summer break with me.  I can't tell you how much needed and wonderful that was.

What did we do? when you look at it, not much.  But there is just SOMETHING about spending a normal day with the best friend of your childhood (and adulthood!).  It was so special just being mom's with Shelby.  It was like playing house- only with our REAL kiddos.  So So special.

Monday/Tuesday we spent time at the house- we went on a five mile walk (in 100* weather- CRAZY us!) Laid out and let the kids swim.

Wednesday we took the kids to Jump Zone in Bentonville, went to Chick-fil-A for lunch, and then wrapped up the afternoon shopping.

Thursday we went to gymnastics to play, went to the gym to do a cycle workout, and then took naps in the afternoon. Shelby watched Rome so Ty and I could go on a date- SPECIAL!

Mike got here late Thursday night and it was adorable to see how happy Sloane was to see her daddy!

Friday we spent the day swimming and playing outside.  Mike and Shel watched Rome so I could run and do some errands.

Saturday we went to crystal bridges and out to Ruth's Chris for dinner.


How do you get through Ruth's Chris dinner with kids? SUPER WHY!

Sunday was early service and then Ty went with Mike and Shelby to Kansas City to meet up with dad (post on that later!)

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