Thursday, July 5, 2012

18 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 18 weeks
Size of baby:  6 inches long
Maternity Clothes: Yes! 
Gender: It's a BOY! 
Movement: amazing! I can feel him out the outside kicking around 10-11 pm each night (for a WHOLE week now!) Last week TY felt him kick too! 
How's momma: Good news, no migraines! Feeling good! I can't tell you how encouraging so many people have been this past week. Growing as fast as I am is hard on me.  I didn't struggle with gaining weight with Roman (maybe its because it wasn't this fast!). I had a friend recently say that it's incredible how we destroy out bodies for these precious babies.   I loved how she put that. It's so true- someone else told me this is part of the whole curse of Eve. Not just the pain in labor, but the difficulty during pregnancy. This gave me hope that i'm not the only one that struggles with this!  
Best Moment this week: Having Shelby here.
What I miss: 
What I am looking forward to: 4th of July.  Ty gets the day off and we got to be home and then go to the church's annual party.
Roman: He's added thanking Jesus for the baby when he prays. 

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  1. you look GREAT! with my second and especially third pregnancy, i showed MUCH quicker than with the first! i also gained a little bit more with each one...but good news is i still lost all and even then some with noah (even though it took months longer)and i seem to be at the same pace with this little girl getting everything back...just give yourself an extra amount of grace in that process. you'll get back! I know it's so hard though when our bodies feel totally out of control on's a crazy thing!