Tuesday, June 5, 2012

14 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 14 weeks
Size of baby:  3.5 inches long
Total Weight Gain: +6 lbs from pre pregnancy (according to dr scale- im' sure it's up more after our trip!!)
Maternity Clothes: So thankful for them! everything is tight- i've put away my regular clothes.
Cravings: popcorn. natural simply salted.  
Gender: We'll know soon!
Movement: I thought I felt the baby on the trip- Especially when my bladder was full!
How's momma: Doing good- tired, but we just got back from a crazy trip! I'm feeling big- I think that's too because we were on the trip and everything was out of sync with normal.
Best Moment this week: Getting to see Kerwin get married and getting to hang with our family.  I just feel so blessed to have such amazing in laws.  They are so great!
What I miss: Staying the same size- My wisdom to second time mommy's- throw out your idea of weight gain from your first pregnancy and start NEW with this second one.  This pregnancy is completely different then the first one- I talked to a friend recently and she said that exact thing was true for her and her kiddos- SUCH encouragement for me!
What I am looking forward to: getting into our summer routine. 
Roman: He did SO well on our lexington trip.  I love the pics we got of him, just with our phones! He is growing so fast- he knows all the colors, can count to 3 and almost 5- learning though's ABC's and talks about everything. He loves anything sports- he loves watching bball on tv and says "shoot" when they shoot and then "make" or "miss" after.  It's pretty cute. He still hasn't grasped much with baby-

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  1. Yeah!! Hello Baby!! great week of growing...you look radiant!! Lv!