Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sleep Training: Night three

7:00 pm
went outside and walked till 7:50

8:00 pm
bath, book, bounce, and prayer (i need a "B" word for this one)

8:25 pm
lay him down. this time was different. He cried as soon as i layed him down (same) BUT usually he hugs me over the rail and falls asleep in my arms. This time he let go of me and layed on his pillow/mattress.

I left him crying and seriously- 30 sec ( i didn't even get the timer set) he was sitting falling asleep.

he did that for 3:00 min and then laid down and he was out. WOW!

10:30 pm
Ty got home from class and Rome's still sleeping.

6:10 am
I woke up to Rome kinda crying but put himself back to sleep

7:45 am
I went and got Rome- he was playing in his crib.

well i've been amazed. He caught on SO much faster then I thought- thank you all for your encouragement it's been so uplifting! I had thought i'd do this "journal" for the first two weeks because I had anticipated it being a struggle- BUT i never dreamed it would go the way its going! yeah!


  1. yeah roman!!! a good friend always told me they train in "3's"...after our amazement with lincoln and sleep training, we started earlier with our trick when noah came along!!! i bet yall got better sleep, too! :)

  2. way to go Roman! Isn't it amazing how fast they catch on to stuff? I'm so glad it's going so well for you, it can be pretty stressful those first couple days.

  3. Hooray for super star Roman and awesome Mommy! Such great news! YAY!!!!

  4. That is so cool! It must the excellent literature you are choosing :-)

    Love Aunt Suzie

  5. Hip Hip Hooray!!! I told you 3 was the magic number! And Roman has REALLY got it down! You are doing a great job too Mama!

  6. Way to go you guys!! How about calling your prayer time "blessing"? That's a B word for ya. :)