Thursday, July 15, 2010

our date

While my family was visiting I asked my mom if she and dad would be willing to babysit Roman so Tyler and I could go out on a date JUST me and him. She was MORE then willing!!

So Sunday night Ty and I decided to got to Emilia's here in Siloam. We arrived at the restaurant only to find out that they close at 2 on Sunday's. UGH! We thought about the other restaurants that Siloam has to offer and for a nice restaurant there isn't much :( We thought about going to Fayetteville but wanted to be close JUST in case Roman had a melt down. We decided that the Flint Creek Steak house would be our choice :) (at the casino)

When we got there we went to the steak house and on our way, we got stopped my one of Tyler's friends that just so happened to be working there. After catching up a bit he asked us what we were up to, we told him we were on our first date alone as parents and he told us to hang on and he'd be right back. When he came back he had a white piece of paper in his hand, he explained that he wanted to comp our whole meal for us but all he could do was $60.00 (Now, when Tyler and I go out, I just add a side salad to Ty's meal and we typically get water so our bill is usually around 15-20 with tip, so 60 is like 3 meals for us!! ha! so when he said just $60.00, in our minds we just laughed!!)

We were SO grateful! WOW!

It was such a fun evening and Roman did well! He started to cry after about 2 hours so our Walmart trip after dinner was cut a little short (yes, we went to walmart, it was FUN going through the aisles with only having to hold Ty's hand and not a baby too for a change!!)

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