Tuesday, July 27, 2010

5 months!

Roman is 5 months old!

I was reminiscing about how last year I was at the beginning stages of being pregnant. I was dreaming about life with a baby :) I was thinking about how sweet and cuddly he'd be. Sure he'd cry, but that wouldn't be that bad. Sure i'd lose sleep but that would be temporary. I imagined such sweet times :) Now that reality is here and I've had 5 months to get used to this baby I can say it has surpassed all my expectations. Yes, there has been hard times- 3 that have been to the point where tears couldn't express my exhaustion and my frustration in myself as to why I couldn't get this little human being to be content. But minus those 3 moments its been phenomenal.

Roman is now...
1. rolling over while trying to reach his toys!
2. rolling over while sleeping! (he sleeps with us and I wake up to find him on his belly!)
3. LAUGHING! I can tickle him and he laughs! I LOVE it!
4. getting excited when I come into the room- he sees me and just starts kicking!
5. humming/talking while he nurses. Ty and I just laugh. It's as if he's been starving and finally gets his meal and so he just can't stop saying yummmmmmmm!!
6. he tries to sit up constantly. He just wants to see the world.
7. Finally getting used to the car seat.
8. content to go on a long walk. It used to end up me carrying him an pushing an empty stroller
9. pulls up his feet to his face.
10. getting more into a predictable schedule for his naps.
11. reaching for everything. Ty and I were in a store and he was holding Rome, anytime Ty would get close to something Romans hand reached for it so quickly! It was funny to watch!
12. When i'm holding him, I can say, "give mommy kisses" and I get this HUGE open mouth kiss full of slobber (I LOVE 'EM!)
13. He started "fake coughing" whenever he coughs I say, "oh goodness" So when he real coughs and I say that he smiles and then fake coughs to get my reaction- A-DOR-A-
14. His fingers are constantly in his mouth!

I decided to take a break from cereal- Rome started sleeping at night horrible (waking up 10+ times a night) about the same time we started doing cereal. So, i thought maybe it was tummy aches. The night of the day we stopped he woke up 1 time and last night he woke up only because I had gotten up. He would have slept straight through- even without eating had I not gotten up. WOW. It won't hurt to try cereal again in a few weeks :)

Here's some pics!
He'll drink water out of a bottle :)
cool dude ;)

we grew a small batch of NE corn in out back yard! here's how it's looking (a little small!)

trying to sit up!

Here's a short video of Rome doing his little laughs:

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  1. i love all of the photos of him with the teddy bear every month! super cute!!