Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nosie nosie :)

Last Sunday night Tyler, Roman, and I went on a late evening walk. We walked for about 30-45 min and enjoyed the beautiful evening!! Roman has been sucking on anything and everything. During our walk, Roman sucked on his stroller the whole time. We tried to tip the stroller back so he'd lean back but he just hung on tighter! It was so funny! here are a few pics...

Lately, I've been trying to teach roman how to give eskimo kisses. He's got those wonderful open mouth baby kisses down so something more challenging is our new goal :) haha! So i've been in his face rubbin his nose with mine (nose-ie nose-ie :) Finally, he started picking up on it when yesterday he put his hands on my cheeks and initiated an eskimo kiss!! I was so excited! I grabbed my phone and tried to video it. Here's what we got!


  1. Love this!! Jaydon says I laugh everytime I watch it like I don't know what's coming...I've watched it lots! :) You know 'Nosie-nosie" started from the deep theological dissertation by Dr. Suess called The Nose book... I'm off to watch again!! lv gma k.

  2. Oh my lands, woman. You have one adorable baby!! That video almost made me cry.