Tuesday, August 10, 2010


While Tyler and I were preparing and praying about buying a house we made a pro/con list. One of our pro's was how we could use a house. Because of it being so much bigger and providing so much more space, we felt that it could provide a way for us to use it for ministry. We didn't have a name quite figured out for that ministry at the time of planning but we've always known that we both LOVE kids/high schoolers and wanted to be involved in some way. Now fast forward to a month after we had bought the house. Tyler had a meeting at his job with a friend from our church about some business stuff and while they were talking this friend brought up FCA. Ty told him that know that we had a house we'd LOVE to get involved. A few days later our friend Gary called and asked TY if we'd host an FCA leadership camp meeting. OH YEAH!!! we were so psyched!! So the event came and went. We met some great kids and some neat adults. It was great to have them over and we felt like we were obeying the Lord by doing the things he wanted for us to do.

Then a few weeks ago, we were contacted again to see if we could help with an FCA fundraiser dinner. Ty was able to get Sara Lee to donate some food for the event. So Last Saturday night we went to the fundraiser. It was so much fun. Gary and karen Comisky and others did such a fantastic job of getting everything set up. There was about 200+people that came. It was so much fun for Tyler and I to see some many people that we know we just never get to see! Roman was amazing too. I was worried because of it being outside that it was going to be too hot, but Rome is JUST like his daddy- mr social :) Within the first 5 minutes Roman had been scooped up by one of our friends. He hung with her for about an hour before being passed on to the next person. Ty and I joked that we needed to just take off and go on a date since he was being so good! ha! We enjoyed the night so much and we're so excited to see what the next school year brings us for FCA events and we're really excited to get to know these awesome kids!
Sara Lee Rolls :)

Me and Rome

Hanging with Grandpa!
Beautiful place!!
Looking at the yummy food in the kitchen :)
Sara Lee Cheesecake!

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