Tuesday, August 10, 2010

standing and hair...

Roman has strong legs. I'm pretty sure that he could jump all day long if he wanted! Lately I've been seeing if he can sit up and stand by himself. The other thing that he's still loving is looking at himself in the mirror. He lights up when he sees that other baby! So I set him in front of my standing mirror and he grabbed the sides and stood by himself. He stood there for almost 5 minutes by himself. He's sitting up by himself too. I'll get some pics and put them on soon! here's standing!

Also, Roman's hair is finally growing a bit longer. I've been trying to spike it up a little bit but that's just not working. It's not thick enough yet. SO i tried the cute little mohawk that's super popular right now. HE's a DOLL! I love it. Here's a couple pics (he just woke up and is not a fan of his mommy in his face taking pics!! ha!

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