Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wrestling... A.K.A. Pitocin

Last weekend was district wrestling.  With the stress and anxiety it gave me, even 9 hours away, I was sure It was gonna trigger something with Roman! I joked with my wrestling family back home that districts was more powerful then pitocin! My contractions that day were 4-5 an hour and about 45 sec long.  They'd get bad when I found out that my brother was on deck and then would diminish quickly as soon as I got the news of how the match went.  Ike went on to get third, qualifying him for state.

Today State started back home and every phone call I got with the news triggered another contraction. HA! Ike wrestles again tomorrow and sure enough the thought makes by belly tighten!  I guess that's a true wrestling fan for ya!

I was so excited because I found a website that broadcasts live the state tournament up in NE. The only draw back is that it doesn't work on a Mac computer :( sad!  I ended up speeding up to JBU 10 minutes before Ike's match to listen to it- i'll be heading up there tomorrow too to listen in!   Something funny happened today as I was listening up at JBU, I found the radio announcers forum and so I wrote them a quick note to talk about the Nebraska Christian team and results for me since I was clear in Arkansas. As I was listening they talked about me, "MeagyDees" and told me about my brother's match and about the other results on air so I could follow along. They also told me that I win the award for being the furthest fan tuning in :)  yea for loyalty huh! (hopefully I won't embarrass me dad and bro! ha!)

We're eager to hear tomorrows matches! But no matter what I'm so super proud of my brother!! He's had such a tough yet great year!

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