Sunday, February 7, 2010

36 weeks

Ah, how i've lost track of time! I logged on to write my 37 week entry and realized I missed a week...  so i'll recap quick and then move on to todays!

Last Sunday (36 week) Tyler and I went to Cherissa's for baby belly pics-  we did quite a few poses and some fun creative things.  I've only seen a few but they are AMAZING! we are SOOOOO blessed to have a willing photographer to capture our priceless moments! here's a sample!!
Monday I finished the nursery curtains and got all the baby clothes organized- well mostly... there are a few strays :)

Tuesday was Tyler's works baby shower.  Some sweet sweet ladies he works with decided to throw us one.  They were so generous! we got some fun gifts and had the best little cakes ever (pics to come!)  I also used the trip to Bentonville to get a few things for my hospital bag that only target can provide : ) We also had our last childbirth class which was great.  We got to tour the hospital- and see a BRAND new baby.  It made us so excited for Roman!!

Wednesday I had my Dr. appointment.  I found out that I am 1/2 cm dilated; and 60% effaced.  WOOO HOOOO..  I lost 5 lb : ( so Dr Crownover wanted to do another ultrasound to check and just make sure we were all doing ok-  Roman's great! weighing around 5 1/2lbs.  i'm so glad he's growing even if my weight's being weird.

Thursday I had my loving choices appointment and also Cherissa's shower.  It was adorable! I defiantly have not a big fan of showers in my life but this one was very comfortable and was a lot of fun! Again i'm amazed by everyone's generosity!  Everyone has been so sweet to be so giving! 

This weekend we just sorta hung around home- doing odds and end things that needed to be done. Tonight is the super bowl! yea!!
So that sums up our 36th week! More to come as we begin our 37th!

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